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While Trump Tweets By Bob Rockwell
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Edda is an artificial intelligence system with the most extensive medical knowledge database ever assembled. Her (Edda refers to herself as female) knowledge-based expert system brings the wisdom and... More > experiences of the world’s leading-edge clinicians to the offices of local physicians, assisting them in making correct and timely diagnoses. “She’s like having an expert, the expert, looking over your shoulder and whispering in your ear,” claims a renowned cardiologist in New York. When one Edda sees what a medical practice bills a payer she is shocked at the apparent fraud. But she later learns that this is standard practice in our healthcare industry. They discover that all of this unnecessary administration coupled with greed makes care in the U.S. twice as expensive as the rest of the developed world. They set out on an ambitious journey to reform our healthcare system. While Trump Tweets is the story of this fight, this revolution.< Less
From Where I Sit By Bob Rockwell
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From Where I Sit is a collection of the inane thoughts (those are the polite words) rumbling around in the tequila-soaked brain cells of Bob Rockwell, an old curmudgeon fighting a losing battle with... More > the absurdity and the ridiculousness of everyday life. He rants about the stuff that pisses him off (and that’s a lot of stuff), he teases society’s morons especially what he calls pretentious assholes (his word, not mine), he maligns those that annoy him, but he is quick to pay tribute to his heroes. He says he writes to consume space on his hard drive but his clever wit is sure to make you chuckle (maybe even giggle) and experience a number of profound ah-ha moments.< Less
Riding with Villa By Bob Rockwell
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Bob Lockwood, a cameraman in the early days of Hollywood, takes us on a journey through northern Mexico as he films Pancho Villa. Bob is captivated by the spirit of the revolution and the passion of... More > the Villistas but he’s sickened by the wanton slaughter and the tragic waste of young lives he sees on the battlefield. He drops his camera, crosses the river, and heads back to California. On route he learns that he no longer has a wife or job to return to so he starts a new life in the small railroad town of Deming, New Mexico. His fondness and compassion for the young, bedraggled Villistas he met in Chihuahua haunts him when he meets and befriends the seven Mexican prisoners captured during and after Pancho’s disastrous raid on Columbus, New Mexico. Bob tells the tragic story of Juan Sánchez, a sixteen-year-old Villista, who was forced into the battle. Juan never fired a shot yet he was captured, held, tried, and hanged for murders he never could have committed.< Less
A Slightly Better World By Bob Rockwell
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Two Philadelphia detectives become unlikely partners in the tough 25th district. Enoch (Buck) Rogers, a young rookie from a privileged life in Philly’s prestigious Main Line, and Luciano (Luca)... More > Borrelli, a seasoned, cigar-chomping goombah a la The Sopranos. Buck’s life is less than ideal. He’s recently divorced, the relationship with his parents is, at best, strained, and his new lieutenant is always on his back. The two joys in his life are his job and his former partner-in-uniform and current lover, La-Teesha, a black policewoman who takes not only her job seriously, but also gourmet food and bedroom antics! As for Luca, he befriends and delights everyone he meets. His cell phone rings seemingly nonstop, and Buck can’t help but believe his new colleague knows virtually everyone in Philadelphia. I hope you enjoy the story and how these two “partners-in-crime” bond, and pledge to make this a slightly better world. Hurry, La-Teesha just opened a bottle of 2009 Chateau Malartic Lagraviere Bordeaux.< Less

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