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Hydrogen & Fuel Cells: Advances in Transportation and Power By Michael Frank Hordeski
eBook (ePub): $99.99
The hydrogen car has been proposed as the solution to our oil problems, but how would it work, and what potential problems associated with it? This book attempts to address these questions, and to... More > provide specifics about current developments toward a hydrogen-based energy infrastructure. In a major push to establish and commercialize fuel cell technologies,most major auto manufacturers are investing billions in development programs. A less public, but perhaps more important development is occurring in stationary power sources that use fuel cell technology. What would a hydrogen infrastructure look like? Fueling stations could be small electrolysis plants that produce hydrogen from water. Photovoltaic cells could also be used at fueling stations to power for electrolysis. Hydrogen fueling stations have already opened in California, Washington, DC and Europe. The technology is being pushed by economics as oil prices continue to rise with dwindling supplies.< Less
Alternative Fuels: The Future of Hydrogen, 2nd edition By Michael Frank Hordeski
eBook (ePub): $99.99
Newly revised with a new chapter on trends in fuel and energy, this book will address many of the factors affecting our energy use, including the availability and desirability of various... More > fuels-especially the use of hydrogen. Topics include energy policy, fuel supply trends, statistics and projections, oil reserves, alternative scenarios, energy utilization, sustainable energy, cost analysis, fuel escalation, energy and development, regulatory issues, barriers to implementation, conversion systems, storage systems, thermodynamic efficiency, fuel chain efficiency, life-cycle efficiency, technology issues extracting, refining, air emission issues, safety, natural gas hydrogen gas, methanol, ethanol, steam reforming and fuel cells.< Less