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Dreams Of War By Roger Kiser
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These are the war stories which (for whatever reason) haunt the dreams of orphan, Roger Dean Kiser.
Crimes Against The State By Roger Kiser
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In my book “The White House Boys-An American Tragedy” I told the truth just as I remember it. At first every man who came forward agreed with my story. No one felt I had not told the... More > truth and that what I had written was the complete truth. However, as time went by some of the men began to enhance their stories. It is true that many boys were beaten bloody and the abusive beatings handed out at the Infamous White House Torture Chamber were brutal and could in no way be considered just “a spanking.” It is true that boys disappeared and were never heard from again but even that type of thing was rare. No one knew for sure if the boys were transferred, went home or what. Stories were abounding about boys missing and being killed.< Less
When Those In Power Don't Care By Roger Kiser
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FIGHTING GOLIATH WAS ONLY ONE-THIRD THE BATTLE. There are many reasons to stand up for what is right. But sometimes doing the right thing might be left untouched and hopefully the difference between... More > right and wrong will be lost in the annals of time. Then of course there are those whose conscience will not turn over and play dead; not so much because of themselves but because of the innocent children who will follow them in the future. I will state upfront that there was one Florida State official who did care and that individual was Florida Attorney General, Pam Bondi.< Less
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This is a reprint of "Orphan A true story of abandonment, abuse and redemption" by Roger Dean Kiser, a contributing author to the Chicken Soup for the Soul Book series.

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