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School Stories All Teachers Should Read By Roger Kiser
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I was considered the most disruptive child attending Spring Park Elementary. Little did they know that I was the saddest and the loneliest child in the school building? I suppose it is impossible... More > for a teacher to love every child they meet throughout their career. It has certainly become legally dangerous for any teacher to hug a child. Hugs are not necessary in order to save a child; all you have to do is look at them with a look in your eyes that lets them know that someone cares. It does not take a bright beacon of light or even a bright torch to save a child but just a small glimmer of hope, a hopeful light somewhere off in the distance that will one day learn how to become a bright beacon on its own. It is then that it will have been you who saved a wayward child. It is then that the greatest award you could have every received as a teacher will not be around your neck but living forever in your heart.< Less
Now that all is said and done By Roger Kiser
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The truth about The Official White House Boys Organization and what went on behind the scenes to try and scam the state of Florida out of millions of dollars.
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The White House Boys-How did things go so array? What began as a project in order to make major changes in the Florida Department of Juvenile Justice system; for various reasons it became about money... More > and personal gain.< Less
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"PAYING IT FORWARD-The stories along the way" is a book of short stories by author, Roger Dean Kiser, a contributing author to many short stories in the Chicken Soup for the Soul Book... More > Series.< Less