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My Brother Gary By Darrell Bain
eBook (PDF): $7.99
My younger brother Gary is a charming, humorous, articulate, romantic adventurer and warrior. He’s one of those types of men the rest of us admire and fantasize about, wishing we could be more... More > like them. In the olden days, he would have been a Mountain Man or a Knight or perhaps even a Pirate or Buccaneer. In any era, he would always have been one of the first to cross the mountains, the wide rivers or brave the unexplored oceans.< Less
Joe Sixpack, President By Darrell Bain
eBook (PDF): $7.99
From best selling author Darrell Bain, this satirical look at Bill Clinton may politically offend but it's hilariously funny at the same time... This book is a good example of what comes from mixing... More > politics and beer. It resulted from a night of camaraderie and debauchery with my brothers. Sometime during the festivities, one of us thought up the idea of what might happen should a real, though intelligent, Redneck ever get to the White House. We all laughed like crazy at the prospect and had great fun discussing various scenarios and situations. Perhaps we also vented some of our frustration at the labyrinthine entanglements of our present political process and how it works or doesn?t work. At any rate, once I sobered up, I thought the idea might make a good book.< Less
White Odyssey By Darrell Bain
eBook (PDF): $8.94
In the future, whites have become a minority and are treated as second-class citizens by the colored majority. Whites are discriminated against, relegated to shantytowns and allowed to do only menial... More > labor under segregation laws that are beginning to amount to little more than slavery. As conditions grow worse, white "volunteers" are worked to death in mine pits and the tar sands, where conditions are so brutal that serving as test subjects on alien planets begins to sound better than anything on earth, no matter what the danger.< Less
The Pet Plague Trilogy By Darrell Bain
eBook (PDF): $8.87
In a world where enhanced animals have altered the ecology beyond repair, the great protective enclaves are beginning to be built, but there will be no refuge there for altered humans, nor for normal... More > humans trying to protect their enhanced pets. This three book volume includes Altered Humans, The Pet Plague and Space Pets. All have been re-edited with new material.< Less