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For Every Voice, a Different Truth [Hardcover] By
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Call it a guide, call it a handbook, For Every Voice, A Different Truth covers the issues most relevant and provocative to students today. The range of perspectives and student voices examines issues... More > such as discrimination, drugs, peer pressure, relationships, and choosing the right collage. Companion CD available. This is the idea behind For Every Voice, A Different Truth. For an entire year, these 10th grade NYC public school students interviewed, researched and wrote a book for use in high school advisories. Call it a guide or call it a handbook, it is full of topics and issues that they determined to be relevant and, perhaps most importantly, ones that would generate much needed discussion. Their writing, as well as the questions they pose, is designed to provoke inquiry and empower individuals in classrooms to begin to talk about the issues that matter.< Less
The Questions Themselves: Profiles of Educators By
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A Collection of Profiles of Educators Written by Graduate Students at Teachers College, Columbia University The Profiles of Educators Series is a biannual project culminating from a Teaching of... More > Writing course taught by Erick Gordon at Teachers College. Graduate students in this course study the methods of teaching writing for publication by publishing themselves. The collection offers a glimpse into the lives of outstanding educators ranging from college professors to yoga instructors, each bound by their desire to partake in a journey of teaching and learning.< Less
Real Talk By
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These stories range from simple to complex, humorous to wise. They are not always happy, but they are all true. And even though each writer speaks in a voice uniquely their own, each voice is... More > resilient and strong. Whether we are students or teachers, parents or administrators, Real Talk tells us we can count on our young people to think, to make meaning from their lives, and always, to keep looking ahead.< Less
Shakes: The Bard Meets the Beat By
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The Shakes is the product of 9th grade students' exploration of social issues in Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. Students first entered into an in-depth analysis of the content and form of both... More > Shakespeare’s language and rap music. They went on to explore how both the Bard and rappers use devices like imagery, hyperbole, allusion, and metaphor to both entertain and critique society. Students then crafted thoughtful argumentative essays and used them to co-author verses for rap songs—a new genre of music students called Academic Rap. The result is an album that contains four songs, uniting the theaters of Elizabethan England with a classroom in Manhattan.< Less

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