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The Book of Unusual Feats: Over 300 Feats Inside! By Philip Reed
eBook (ePub): $4.99
Collecting 101 Feats, Another 101 Feats, and 101 More Feats, The Book of Unusual Feats provides you with over 300 feats for your fantasy d20 campaigns. Written by Philip Reed, this book presents... More > over 300 feats including new [Divine], [Epic], [Psionic], [Spelltouched], [Spirit], and [Timebound] feats. The feats in this collection vary from the minor talent -- such as Agile Landing -- to the flavorful -- such as Arcane Rush -- to the just plain simple yet useful -- such as Fighter's Discipline.< Less
Runic Fantasy: Expanded Professions By Philip Reed
eBook (ePub): $6.99
With Runic Fantasy: Expanded Professions, Ronin Arts launches a new series of fantasy roleplaying supplements. Inside the pages of this 32-page book you will find: 17 new professions; detailed... More > descriptions of every profession found in the RuneQuest Main Rulebook, the Companion, and the new professions in these pages. These descriptions include expanded rules that make a character's profession selection more important than ever; and an optional system that allows characters to start play with two professions. Written by Philip Reed, and packed with solid mechanics that enhance the use of professions during gameplay, Runic Fantasy: Expanded Professions is a vital tool for improving your character's chance of survival during the next adventure.< Less
A DM's Directory of Demiplanes By Philip Reed & Michael Hammes
eBook (ePub): $6.99
This 72-page book, written by Philip Reed and Michael Hammes, provides the DM with 8 new demiplanes that can be dropped into any planar campaign. The demiplanes included in this PDF are The Ageless... More > Chamber, The Astral Ship, The Blackguard's Tomb, The Bone Field, The Burning River, The Chiming Clock, The Clockwork-Driven Lighthouse, and The Great Corpse. Also includes an appendix of 12 unusual planar gates. Illustrated by Ted Wing and Paul Daly Playtesting and Proofreading by Mark Gedak with Kent Little, Tanya Bergen, Patrick Kossman.< Less
Vs. Monsters Deluxe Edition By Philip Reed
eBook (ePub): $4.99
Enter a world created from the unholy fusion of gas-lit Victorian streets, modern urban legends, and eldritch blasphemies, all stirred together in a cauldron spawned from the most disturbed... More > imaginings of Tim Burton and the Brothers Grimm. This is a bare bones game world and rules set designed to allow you to create miniature worlds of claustrophobic horror. -- Review by Travis Lee In early 2003, Philip Reed put together vs. Monsters, a 20-page roleplaying game created in twenty-four hours. The game, considered a failure by Reed, quickly attracted a loyal following and, after much discussion and contemplation, Reed made the decision to create an expanded, improved edition of the game. The system has been revised and expanded and this edition includes more options for characters, new monsters, a look at the world of vs.< Less

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