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The Buccaneers of Backwater By Anna Evans-Wylie
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It has been raining for weeks. The school is flooded and the children are sent home. Three of them, plus a dog, decide to convert their tree house into Noah’s Ark. Strong currents snatch their... More > vessel and carry it into the Atlantic Ocean. They are presumed dead, but they aren’t ready to die yet. They have a much bigger fish to fry because that’s where the adventure begins... This is an adventure story for 8-11 year olds.< Less
In the Web of Time By Anna Evans-Wylie
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A story of love, betrayal and revenge. Spanning across centuries, from times prehistoric, through the English Civil War to the Great War, the book tells a tale of treachery and a relentless pursuit... More > of justice. Rosalia is consumed with the desire to track down and kill the only man she ever loved. Four hundred years ago she was accused of witchcraft and burned at the stake. She believes John was the one who betrayed her. She has spent centuries looking for him in order to exact her revenge and reclaim her immortality. Each time she tracks him down, something stands in her way. Is she really ready to kill the love of her life? Can she turn her love into hatred? Or will she forever roam the ends of Earth, watching him from afar and mourning her Stracceli past? Could it be that faith has its hand in Rosalia's failure to destroy John...< Less
Be Done on Earth By Anna Evans-Wylie
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Six hundred years ago Brother Edgar Kegel, a fanatical Knight of the Teutonic Order came to the sleepy town of Helmsbury, bringing prejudice, torture and death with him. At his hand, Enid lost the... More > man she loved and her two Stracceli sisters. She did nothing to stop him then but when Kegel returns in the 21st century to lead yet another crusade of bigotry and hatred, Enid is ready is ready for him. Enid’s two Stracceli sisters, who perished in a fire six hundred years ago, are reborn into human form and find their way back to Helmsbury. They are unaware of their past and the danger that lies ahead. One of them, Eleanor, is a lonely and awkward girl, neglected by her rich, career-absorbed parents, and bullied by a boy from the estate. The other girl, Isobel, comes to Helmsbury with her father and little brother after losing her mother to a degenerative illness. She too has to fend for herself and fight her own battles. This is volume 2 of the "In the Web of Time" trilogy.< Less
The Quite Contrary Colin Pluck By Anna Evans-Wylie
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Corvalpluck is a grumpy, middle-aged goblin longing to retire after a long career in espionage. However he has to complete one last mission if the mystical world of Hellfernezia is to survive. His... More > task is to abduct from the human world a girl called Clarissa. As the descendant of an extinct race of Fallen Angels she holds the key to the survival of Hellfernezia. Unaware of her heritage, Clarissa lives in the rural town of Upper Goosemonger. Her mother Pandora disappeared ten years ago under mysterious circumstances, and is believed to be dead. Recently her father Gordon has remarried and now Clarissa has to reckon with a loud-mouthed stepmother Vi and an intrusive stepbrother, Archie.< Less

To Tie the Loose Ants To Tie the Loose Ants By Anna Evans-Wylie Paperback:
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To Kiss a Frog To Kiss a Frog By Anna Evans-Wylie Paperback:
$35.85 $25.10

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