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Zoa: Citadel of the Bay By Lloyd Brown III
Paperback: $21.47
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Greed and Glory: A Guide to the Brigand and Gladiator By Lloyd Brown III
Paperback: $20.37
Ships in 3-5 business days
It's all about tactics... Whether used to ambush a caravan or drop your foe's corpse in the arena sand, tactics applied in unique ways yields results undreamed and unthought of - until now! Here's... More > some of what you get: two variant classes - the brigand and the gladiator; 30 new feats, including Blind Side Attack, Hold at Bay, No Hesitation, and many more; 29 specialized pieces of weapons, armor, and equipment; two new prestige classes, the ludori and raptor, along with four detailed personalities, the arena caster, bandit king, fence, and outlawed mage; 24 new magic items and special abilities; eight new organizations for brigands and gladiators; 10 gladiatorial career paths and nine special attacks; Details on role-playing and motivations, including how the brigand and gladiator deal with geography, the law and the military, classes and races, and other challenges; Information for GMs about NPC brigands and gladiators, to make them great allies (or enemies)< Less