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Middle Way Philosophy 3: The Integration of Meaning By Robert M. Ellis
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This third volume of the Middle Way Philosophy series applies the revolutionary view, taken from cognitive science, that meaning is found in our bodies rather than in a relationship between language... More > and reality. The cognitive meaning found in dictionaries and the emotive 'meaning of life' cannot be separated. This approach reveals the basic error of the metaphysical views that depend on absolute cognitive meaning. It also provides the basis for an account of how we can integrate meaning. Each new time we connect an experience to a symbol we extend meaning in a way that gives us more resources to develop more adequate beliefs. The practice of integrating meaning can be promoted by the arts, meditation and focusing, and can also involve working to resolve archetypes. Middle Way Philosophy was first developed by Robert M Ellis in a Ph.D. thesis, and he has now founded the Middle Way Society for the development and practice of the Middle Way beyond religious tradition.< Less
Middle Way Philosophy 1: The Path of Objectivity By Robert M. Ellis
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Initially inspired by the Buddha's Middle Way, but working in Western Philosophy and related disciplines, Robert M. Ellis first developed Middle Way Philosophy in a Ph.D. thesis in 2001. This new... More > detailed account is the product of a further ten years of refinement of his approach, and concentrates on the philosophical core. It will be followed by further volumes focusing more on the psychological and practical implications of the philosophy. Middle Way Philosophy aims to clear the ground for practical progress. It challenges many entrenched assumptions, including those of analytic philosophy. It also offers a new account of objectivity, as an incremental quality that helps us to engage with all conditions in our experience. It insists on a consistent approach to both facts and values that avoids both absolute claims and relativism."An important, original work, that should get the widest possible hearing." Iain McGilchrist, author of The Master and his Emissary< Less
Truth On the Edge: A Brief Western Philosophy of the Middle Way By Robert M. Ellis
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Truth on the Edge is an introduction to a new philosophy of objectivity, inspired by the Buddha's Middle Way but worked out in entirely Western terms. Robert M. Ellis's philosophy of the Middle Way... More > was originally developed as a Ph.D. thesis, 'A Theory of Moral Objectivity', but this book is intended as a more accessible introduction to this philosophy. The key theme is the idea that we are not justified in making any claims about truth, whether moral or scientific, but the idea of truth is still meaningful. Instead of either making or denying metaphysical claims about truth, we need to think in terms of incrementally objective justification within experience. The book follows through the implications of this argument in relation to psychological integration, responsibility, ethics, science, religion and politics, and finally applies the Middle Way to contemporary problems such as Global Warming and the World Food Crisis.< Less
Theme and Variations By Robert M. Ellis
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A furious woman with a dead baby haunts thinkers through the ages, from the Buddha and Jesus to Descartes, Hume and Jung. Her questions to them all are similar: Why am I suffering? Do I deserve this?... More > Why is it allowed? Why do women particularly have to suffer like this? Can the baby be brought back to life? The answers, however, vary greatly. A practising philosopher who is also an amateur musician, Robert M. Ellis here turns to fiction to explore death, suffering and gender relations. The 'theme' from a Buddhist story is developed in a variety of styles and formats, as in a musical theme and variations. "Theme and Variations shows off not only Robert Ellis's imagination and humour, but his impressively broad knowledge of western philosophy." Dr Dhivan Thomas Jones, novelist and philosopher< Less