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Tai Chi: The Old Style Of Yang Lu-ch'an: Volume Two By Erle Montaigue
eBook (PDF): $5.85
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This is the 2nd Volume of the Old Style of Yang Family Tai Chi. Unlike the more common all slow moving form of Tai Chi which was created purely for health reasons, the Old or Original style was a... More > real fighting and healing system. Erle Montaigue is the keeper of this style.< Less
Tai Chi: The Old Style Of Yang Lu-ch'an By Erle Montaigue
eBook (PDF): $5.85
Yang Lu-ch'an Tai Chi Form: VOLUME ONE (of 4 Volumes) The Old Yang Style was the first fighting/healing system of the Famous Yang Family from China. Yang Lu-ch'an invented this form of movement not... More > only as a very deadly and efficient self defence system, but also as a way to heal the body. Unlike the more common 'all slow moving' form of Tai Chi, this form also has very energetic or 'fa-jing' (explosive energy) movements as well as leaps and kicks. Erle Montaigue is the Keeper of this system.< Less
Internal Gung-Fu Volume Two: FIghting & Healing Methods By Erle Montaigue
eBook (PDF): $7.78
In this volume of Internal Gung-fu, I have presented the more practical applications from the internal arts in the area of fighting, healing and even diet. Gung-fu is not just a self defence system... More > as far as physical attack is concerned but rather it is an over-all self defence method for the whole body including against disease. Erle Montaigue is recognized as one of the leading experts in this field worldwide. His 320 plus DVD titles of the self teaching nature are very popular.< Less
Moontagu DVD Catalogue By Erle Montaigue
eBook (PDF): $1.50
This is the catalogue for Moontagu Books Ltd. which currently contains 376 DVD titles by Erle Montaigue covering every conceivable aspect of the Internal Healing/FIghting/Self Defence arts of Tai... More > Chi, Bagua, Qigong, Dim-Mak and Wudang arts.< Less