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Mortus By Dennis K Hausker
Paperback: $15.95
Prints in 3-5 business days
David Cray suffers a trauma which ends the life he's known on Earth. An unknown uncle shows up to convince him to travel to his father's planet where he begins a life journey that starts as a quest... More > to the dark fortress of Mortus. He gathers a group of friends who share his trials, tribulations, and his hopes. Dave begins to transform as his buried heritage from his father develops and that includes magic and power. Dave comes to Faenum unprepared in virtually every way. He's constantly surprised by what he encounters, he performs miraculous acts he can't explain, he doubts his decisions and feels overwhelmed by events and people in his new world. Dave becomes the de facto leader of the quest, but leads them into a trap and galling captivity. They escape from Mortus eventually but they're much changed people, never to be the same again.< Less
Stirring Sagas By Dennis K Hausker
Paperback: $12.95
Prints in 3-5 business days
Princess of Varik Is an epic fantasy in which Evan Storic, fifth and lesser son of King Grieg, much beloved by the common soldiers, is sent on a quest to a neighboring realm to woo a princess. ... More > Orbis Veritas Dillon Craig is part of a team exploring a newly discovered planet. He is brilliant and he is competent, but when it comes to the area of love, he suffers galling setbacks and he reacts poorly. It sends him on a quest to escape his shame, but it leads him into discovery of an ancient city and the hazards located there. Battle Master A consummate warrior crashes on a primitive planet and suffers temporary amnesia. During this phase, a beautiful village woman decides she wants him and it starts a sequence of events that starts out comically, but ends with deadly dangers. Family Lost Crown prince Falen has led a terrifying life of severe training and deprivation. He believes his father wishes him dead, but developing events show him a different view of his life.< Less

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