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A Slightly Better World By Bob Rockwell
Paperback: $14.98
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Two Philadelphia detectives become unlikely partners in the tough 25th district. Enoch (Buck) Rogers, a young rookie from a privileged life in Philly’s prestigious Main Line, and Luciano (Luca)... More > Borrelli, a seasoned, cigar-chomping goombah a la The Sopranos. Buck’s life is less than ideal. He’s recently divorced, the relationship with his parents is, at best, strained, and his new lieutenant is always on his back. The two joys in his life are his job and his former partner-in-uniform and current lover, La-Teesha, a black policewoman who takes not only her job seriously, but also gourmet food and bedroom antics! As for Luca, he befriends and delights everyone he meets. His cell phone rings seemingly nonstop, and Buck can’t help but believe his new colleague knows virtually everyone in Philadelphia. I hope you enjoy the story and how these two “partners-in-crime” bond, and pledge to make this a slightly better world. Hurry, La-Teesha just opened a bottle of 2009 Chateau Malartic Lagraviere Bordeaux.< Less
The Happy Hour Posse By Bob Rockwell
Paperback: $14.98
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The wife of one of the bar’s patrons is murdered while showing an upscale home to a prospective buyer. Why was she killed? She had no enemies. No jealous lovers. The police can’t identify... More > anyone who would want to harm her or benefits from her death. Their only clue is the unusual calling card the killer left behind. The police are baffled and the case is at a standstill when a group of the bar’s regulars form the Happy Hour Posse to help bring closure to their grieving friend. When two more similar murders are reported in nearby states the FBI Serial Killer Task Force steps in, takes charge, and makes no progress. Belly up to the bar and enjoy how this motley group of barflies outthinks and out-detects the FBI and solves these baffling murders.< Less
Antoine's Legacy By Bob Rockwell
Hardcover: $29.98
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“It was a spring day in Paris in 1780, and Michael Barada, was 20. As he sauntered along a fashionable street, very gay in the silk, ribbons and ruffles of a young French gallant of the court... More > of Louis XVI . . .” So begins the charming story of Michael Barada and his chance meeting with the lovely Omaha maiden, Laughing Buffalo. This romantic fairytale was told to the US congress in 1934 in a bill granting my grandfather and other descendants of Laughing Buffalo membership in the Omaha tribe. The bill never passed but this unlikely fairytale became part of our history. Am I part Omaha? Is Laughing Buffalo my great grandmother? And if this story isn’t true what is her real story? Antoine’s Legacy is my search for the truth and my Omaha roots.< Less
Alone In The Dark By Bob Rockwell
Paperback: $14.98
Ships in 3-5 business days
Alone in the Dark was how I wrote all of these stories. I won’t tell you that I was in my pajamas and drinking beer in the early hours of the morning, because you’d think even less of me.... More > The hardest part of writing is that I become so engrossed in the story I’m trying to tell that I let my beer get warm and go flat. I can’t even begin to count all of the beer I’ve wasted. I’ve got to develop a type – type – type – swig – type - type – type - swig writing technique. In the meantime here’s what I’ve warmed my beer over during the past five years.< Less

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