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Las Claves Alquímicas del Ritual Masónico By Timothy Hogan
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Este es el primer libro que establece una relación directa entre los rituales de la Francmasonería y la práctica tanto química como espiritual de la alquimia. El... More > Francmasón Albert Pike y otros comprendieron que los grados simbólicos de la Francmasonería contienen secretos alquímicos, pero nunca mostraron cómo. Este libro muestra las conexiones entre la alquimia y la Francmasonería por primera vez. Esta es una lectura obligada para cualquier Francmasón que quiera entender los significados secretos detrás del ritual de la "Logia Azul" simbólica. Timothy Hogan es un Past Master, 32*CCCH, CT, FRC, PSM-AMD y Caballero RC de la Royal Order de Escocia. Dicta conferencias extensivamente tanto dentro como fuera de los Estados Unidos acerca de Masonería.< Less
Entering the Chain of Union By Timothy Hogan
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Entering the Chain of Union explores different esoteric, spiritual, and initiatic traditions from around the world and illustrates how they share similar doctrines and rituals. This book is a first... More > hand account by a western initiate as he examines traditions as diverse as Gnosticism, Hermeticism, Sufi, Druze, Taoist and Tibetan alchemical doctrines, Egyptian mysteries, Mayan traditions, and an exploration of many sacred monuments from around the world. It is also a first hand account of his meeting with spiritual leaders of different traditions, including Harun Yahya. This book will be particularly interesting to anyone with a background in Templarism, Freemasonry, Rosicrucianism, or Martinism. Timothy Hogan is the Grand Master of the Knights Templar (Ordre Souverain du Temple Initiatique lineage), and he currently runs CIRCES International. He speaks regularly around the world on the western mystery tradition. This book follows some of his travels as he attempts to do The Great Work.< Less
The 32 Secret Paths of Solomon: A New Examination of the Qabbalah in Freemasonry By Timothy Hogan
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The 32 Secret Paths of Solomon is a new examination of the role of Qabbalah in Freemasonry. This book explores how Freemasonry holds certain keys which reveal a completely new perspective to the... More > Qabbalistic science. Qabbalah is mentioned many times in the degrees of Freemasonry, and this book explores why an understanding of Qabbalah is important in order to truly understand Masonic ritual. This book also publishes for the first time gematria correspondences which are found within Masonic ritual, and it demonstrates how Freemasonry holds the keys to understanding a different layout of the Qabbalistic Tree than has ever been published before. This book will be of value to both the new and old student of the Qabbalistic science.< Less
The Alchemical Keys To Masonic Ritual By Timothy Hogan
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This is the first book which establishes a direct link between the rituals of Freemasonry and the practice of both chemical and spiritual alchemy. Albert Pike understood that the symbolic degrees of... More > Freemasonry contained alchemical secrets, but he never put the whole pattern together and showed how. This book shows these connections for the first time. This book is a must for any Freemason who wants to understand the secret meanings behind the Symbolic "Blue Lodge" ritual. Tim Hogan is a PM, 32*KCCH, KT, FRC, PSM-AMD, and Knight RC of the Royal Order of Scotland. He lectures extensively both inside and outside of the United States on Freemasonry.< Less