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The Devil's Diary XXV By Draconis Blackthorne
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TRICKS OR TREATS...? Demon winds stir as the air bristles with Magic... travel along the infernal path lit by Jack O' Lanterns who light the way to Hell, through Hallow's Gate & beyond... Dare... More > approach The Haunted Noctuary to receive and possess this extensive Grimoire Issue part II, containing such diabolical offerings as Seasons In Hell, Lycanthropic Seasonal Submersion, Gesticulations & Enunciations of Potency, Hellemental Communion, Fangsgiving misgivings, 8th Statement, Sabbaths, Devil's Blood & Environmental Energy, The 4th Sense, Fun With Proles 2, Dogym, A Moss To The Flame, Magus Gilmore Hellday, Marvel 4 Crown Princes of Hell, The Knight Files, Desalination Plants, Pentrapion, Daemonicromnium, and several unexpected surprises, which may be tricks and/or treats to the reader. Plus Satanic Panic Archives, Nefarious News, NOCTUARIUM Satan's Scroll, Malefick Musick, Spechtreum, The Black Earth, Reign In Hell, & sacrifices in The Book of Blindlight. Madness in sanity, let the Sin begin!< Less
The Blackthorne Chronicles By Draconis Blackthorne
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Diary of A Satanist. The Blackthorne Chronicles comprises Draconian Pentagonal Devilution. * Dracumentary: Daemonic Metamorphosis from Infernal Progeny, The Dracling through infernal realization,... More > Hellementary, Satanic Panic, Loves of Lucifer/Lusts of Satan, & beyond. * The Black Book of Shadows: Experiences with Greater Magic, paranormal manifestations, diabolical rites, Curses, Lust Spells, Blessings from Hell. * The Black Earth: Adventures, excursions, discoveries, celebrations, recommendations, nefarious events. The darker side of existence. {Includes the 666 High Mass, Halloween/Walpurgisnacht observances, graveyards, occult travels} * Tales From The Shadow Side: Paranormal experiments & explorations into various urban legends & mysteries. * The Black Dragon Speaks!: Interviews with various publications, institutions, individuals, web sources, radio, & broadcasts. In this plethora of nefarious relations, The Blackthorne Chronicles includes evocative poetry, & previously unpublished photographs.< Less
Dracomantium V. 1 By Draconis Blackthorne
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The 1st in the Dracomantium Collection, featuring 3 codices in 1 tome: * 6. Dracomeroth {Codex Satani}: Written as a result of study and experimentation in The Occult, combining various traditions... More > and "Satanizing" them, truly giving The Devil His due. The rites written therein are a result of both meditation & the application of Greater & Lesser Magical principles which have proven by results to work. Includes The Black Book of Shadows. * 6. The Devil's Scroll {Codex Diaboli}: A collection of misanthropic, Satanically-philosophical essays providing insights into human motivations, social commentary, as well as counter-culture thought. * 6. Satanic Serenades {Codex Noctum}: Infernal Reflections upon both vital existence and mythology, written in a beautiful, sometimes terrifying polemical, imaginative Gothic style, inspiring contemplation & darkest entertainment for those who resonate to The Satanic perspective, and appreciate the sinister aesthetic. Includes previous covers.< Less
The Devil's Diary XXIV By Draconis Blackthorne
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WALPURGISNACHT L A.S.: Witches & Warlocks crest upon devil winds, illuminated by lightning and hellfire to gather at Sabbaths dire, for Pleasure and Power! By the gloom of candle light's flicker,... More > and the duskening horizon, turn these arcane pages filled with forbidden undefiled knowledge, Magic & Sorcery... This grimoire issue materializes through darksome portals of diabolical thought to bring forth essays on sinful unholydays of Friday the 13th, Loki Day, Mardi Gras; Seasons In Hell activities, I-Theistic contemplations, theories on Witch Jayne Mansfield, spontaneous human combustion; plus Reign In Hell, misanthropic observations, Satanic Serenades, The Black Earth, the strange Tales From The Shadowside, Nefarious News, Malefick Musick, The Shadow Gallery, plus many more secrets & mysteries arising from the shadows. ∞< Less