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Sinner - The kan Ingan Archives - Book One By Toni V. Sweeney
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Deroes kan Ingan, the stubborn and strong-willed Margrave of Arcanis, has eluded all attempts to get him to marry, and never intends to fall in love, but then he meets… …Elizabeth... More > Sheffield. Spoiled, beautiful and accustomed to getting her way with men, Elizabeth professes love for and weds Deroes, privately calculating the benefits of marrying the ruler of a galaxy. Unexpected obstacles derail her plan – most significantly, Deroes’ nephew (and former heir), Aric. Taken from his mother at age twelve and raised as the heir to the Arcanian throne, Aric bitterly rebuffs Elizabeth’s overtures of friendship. Events take an unexpected turn when he falls in love with his uncle’s wife. While Aric and Elizabeth begin a passionate affair, other forces in the kingdom are plotting rebellion and murder… …using Aric as a less-than-innocent pawn.< Less