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Today's Edition By Adam Wasserman
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Greetings, citizen. Your interest in Today's Edition has been noted by the authorities. By electing to access illegal, detrimental and highly subversive material, you have identified yourself as a... More > traitor. Please turn yourself in to your Homeland Security neighborhood substation. Today's Edition does not exist. Rumors of a popular e-zine created by the Human Resources conglomerate and then spun off to the private sector are entirely false and should not be trusted. Likewise, no weekly publication in the Bunker was ever hijacked by traitors - repeatedly - as an instrument to achieve their own nefarious ends. How exactly you came to possess knowledge of Today's Edition and where it might once have allegedly been published is surely one of the topics your interrogator will be fond of discussing with you. Please be prepared to draw up a list of your fellow conspirators and which recent acts of sabotage, subterfuge, and calumny can be attributed to them. Thank you for your cooperation.< Less
The Grey Life By Adam Wasserman
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David Berkowitz attends the Johns Hopkins University in 1991 where he gets mixed up in drugs and insanity. Combined with a violent home life, David can't quite cope with his experiences. Later on, as... More > the world crumbles around him, he remains curiously unaffected. For he is still held in thrall by the events that occurred in that short time - and the girl he loved and lost< Less
Your Call Is Important To Us By Adam Wasserman
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Welcome (back) to the Bunker, an orderly, underground utopia where everyone's needs have been satisfied. Barney Max is a trustworthy citizen with an impeccable record of achievement. But one... More > daystretch on his way to Mars for an interplanetary conference, he finds himself added to the Thousand Most Wanted List. For no apparent reason at all. And he's allowed to walk free. Thus begins Barney Max's unexpected and entirely unwelcome journey. Deprived of his daily comforts, chased by a persistent headache (not to mention armed guardians from Defense, a secret society of vengeful cybots, and an angry mob of former employees), he is forced to confront a reality he has struggled his whole life to deny. The second in the Bunker series of sci-fi adventure novels, Your Call Is Important To Us can be read independently, although it is best enjoyed in the company of its predecessor, Thank You For Your Cooperation.< Less
Gyges the Terrible By Adam Wasserman
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Welcome to the United States of the not-so-distant future. Our Republic has given way to a new form of government, Freemocracy. The President rules virtually unopposed. The Supreme Court is the only... More > alternate center of power, and the tension between the President, Samuel Judas Epstein, and the Chief Justice, Xiling, is set to boil over into open conflict. The Earth, too, has changed. Society has fractured into the permanently privileged and the permanently working. Water is tightly rationed. The world powers vie with each other for territory on the lunar surface. It is in this setting that a group of ordinary hooligans led by Marcellus Gyges storm the halls of empire. Possessed of a magic ring that confers the power of command, spurred on by his friends, Marcellus is in a unique position to depose the President. At the same time, Marcellus is being tutored by his Guardian Angel. For it is the choices that we make in this life that determine what becomes of us in the next.< Less