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Briar Earth By Paul Tapp
Paperback: $15.99
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A 'silly' princess makes her social debut as a reluctant 'chaser of foxes'. An awkward young officer is ordered as escort but fails his diplomatic mission to keep her silent on sensitive... More > matters. The event of the year turns into a debacle as the lead hound flashbacks to a friendship and inspires horses, hounds and a princess to revolt...with the help of a mystic figure.But a conspiracy at the highest levels have matched the princess and her escort, with the aid of a golden ampulla, an ancient gift for the anointment of monarchs. A string of coincidences between the folk of castle, manor and moor and indeed mystic intervention, culminates in the rise of an inspiring monarch and the questioning of a cruel tradition. "You close your ears to the cry of a damned fox...but because we have closed our minds to its fear, it is we who are damned!" "How shameful it is that a magnificent creature of Creation, should share its short time on this absolute fear of the creatures made in God's image."< Less
The Plonkermaker By Paul Tapp
Hardcover: $21.89
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A bush boy's only ambition is to follow his brother and mates into the mine. Bush horses, the mountain jay and hawk traps make up the isolated post-war canvas in which he thrives...until the... More > haunting train whistle to far away places becomes his reality.< Less
The Plonkermaker By Paul Tapp
Paperback: $12.72
Ships in 3-5 business days
An important demographic memoir of a mining hamlet in Post WW2, Tasmania. The author spent his early years with hardy families, mostly returned soldiers, his only ambition to follow his family and... More > friends into the Rossarden tin-mine beneath the mountain. But at 14 years, he was to leave for a city education, never to return.< Less
The Saturday People-Part One By Paul Tapp
Paperback: $24.58
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"...My dear Lizzie, 
We got your letter yesterday. Was surprised immensely, but it is simply impossible for us to receive Annie. We are now in the bush living in a shanty which is not... More > rain-proof … we have only one narrow passage for a kitchen. All the other rooms are bedrooms, no spare bed or bedding, not even a couch and very little food; bread and dripping and potatoes as our staple diet. I would rather Annie did not come to see me as she is more a stranger than my neighbours and poor as our home is, we try to be content and do not wish to be agitated by one outside our family circle. We have ceased to visit the outside world or receive visits. … We are now living in a shanty in the bush which is only fit for a cow shed. We have no spare bed. Every room is a bedroom and lets in the water. We have no substantial food to set before anybody and do not wish for any of our people to make us ask and by this sister, I like you, do not want anything but what God gives one..."< Less