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Pinky Visits the Circus By Granny J
eBook (ePub): $3.99
It a special day! The circus is in town and Pinky's dad is taking her and her brother, Peter, plus her friend Mary, under the big top. The children are awed by all of the wonderful circus acts. From... More > the lion tamer to the high-wire, the trapeze and all the clowns, Pinky and the gang have a great time. Every part of the performance enthralls the youngsters, from beginning to end. When the show is over, the kids are already anticipating going again when the circus comes back to town next year! Pinky Visits the Circus will have you recalling your own trips to see the marvelous shows under the big tent!< Less
Pinky's Special Present By Granny J
eBook (ePub): $3.99
Pinky is having a birthday party and her family and friends have come to help her celebrate. Her parents have a special gift for Pinky that has been passed down through the family for generations.... More > Her mother believes Pinky has reached a level of maturity where she can respect the importance and the fragility of the antique family heirloom. The adorable rhyming storyline bolsters family values and the importance of family traditions. At Pinky's birthday party, the kids play games, watch as the clowns dance and fool around, plus enjoy some tasty treats. Pinky finds out that something special, something old and with great meaning can be the best present ever received. So what is the special heirloom Pinky receives from her mother? You'll find out when you read Pinky's Special Present!< Less
Pinky Goes Spelunking - Pinky Frink's Adventures By Granny J
eBook (ePub): $3.99
When Pinky's dad must go away to New Mexico on a business trip, the whole family tags along and makes it a vacation. As a child, Mr. Frink enjoyed exploring caves and caverns, and now he wants to... More > share a spelunking experience with his daughter, Pinky. Pinky learns about cave formations, including stalactites and stalagmites, and about the bats who frequently live in caves. Factual information about Carlsbad Caverns appears throughout the adorable rhyming storyline. The book follows Pinky and her dad as their father-daughter outing progresses throughout their exploration of the caves at the national park.< Less
Pinky's Healthy Habits - Pinky Frink's Learning Books By Granny J
eBook (ePub): $3.99
The healthy habits children learn in their early years stay with them for a lifetime. Pinky's Healthy Habits promotes proper hygiene, a healthy diet, the benefits of exercise and children's safety,... More > all in a fun rhyming story that will engage a juvenile reader. Along with gladly completing assigned chores, Pinky also practices other aspects of a well-rounded, healthy lifestyle, such as reading for pleasure, maintaining a personal journal and performing charitable works with her family. This wonderfully endearing story gently promotes basic family values and a healthful approach to life in a way the youngest of readers will comprehend. This is a great book to have around when your youngster questions the necessity of washing hands frequently, brushing their teeth regularly or why mom and dad won't let them surf the web without parental supervision!< Less

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