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Mind of a Madman III Evil Redemption By Valerie Bowen
Paperback: $12.00
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Caleb Talbot has been on the lam for far too long. In his quest for freedom he has left behind a bloody trail that seems endless. His illness is consuming him at a high rate of speed. Every living... More > being that crossed his path has met their demise…that is except for one. Zachary Hines joins Talbot on his murderous rampage. Law enforcement officers Michael Quincy and Jameson think they have finally figured out Caleb’s murderous plan. While they are on the road to Wyoming, too protect Katrina, they discover Talbot has an accomplice. The shocking news sends both men into a frantic tailspin. Once in Wyoming Caleb’s plan begins to unfold just as he had planned. Finally losing what is left of his sanity Caleb tortures the only friend he has ever had. When Caleb finds the woman that destroyed his heart, Caleb makes his move. Blood is spilled and bullets fly as law enforcement try to apprehend the heinous murderer before he takes another life or will one of his officers be one of the final victims of the madman?< Less
For the Sake of Amelia III Retribution By Valerie Bowen
Hardcover: List Price: $48.50 $29.10 | You Save: 40%
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Life for Amelia has changed significantly with the help of her loving husband Kyle. Unexpected news from deep within the Kansas prison walls has disrupted the Talbot’s lives once again. With... More > the eminent release of Amelia’s ex-husband Ray, and his vendetta, the Talbot's are forced to do something drastic. An unexpected change of events has caused Amelia’s life to change yet again. Will Kyle be capable of handling the emotional strain when a handsome man from Amelia’s past relocates to Camden? A simple phone call changes Amelia’s life forever. Will she be able to accept the information that has been hidden from her for years?< Less
Faerie Wishes By Valerie Bowen
Paperback: $9.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
Talia Saturnfrost has grown very tired of her forest home; she has spent many suns dreaming of leaving the fae realm and living amongst the humans. Her decision is made when she falls deeply in love... More > with Cayden a human male. She only has to utter the wish to make her dream come true. Talia soon discovers the grass is not exactly greener on the other side of the realm; as a matter of fact she discovers sometimes wishes can kill you. Will Talia find the love she craves in Cayden? Join her on her quest to find the love she desires and the realization that sometimes wishes do come true just not necessarily the way you had planned.< Less
Tormented - For the Sake of Amelia By Valerie Bowen
Paperback: $12.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
Life for Amelia Parker has been hard to say the least. Tormented by flashbacks, and the vow of her ex husband to finish the job he started as soon as he’s released from prison, sends Amelia... More > into an emotional frenzy as time for his release grows near. Amelia packs up and moves from her home in Colby, Kansas to the small town of Camden, Maine with the hope Ray will forget all about his vendetta. Amelia finds new friends and a new love in her happy peaceful life in Camden. She is suddenly snapped back into paralyzing fear when she receives word of Ray's release, knowing he will fulfill his promise to finish what he began. Hearing gunshots and her screams, her new love Kyle must make a rushed decision to keep her alive. Due to a strange twist of events Kyle’s past meets them head-on and jeopardizes Amelia’s safety yet again. Will Kyle be able to save the life of the only woman he has ever loved?< Less

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