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Lagharn By Carol Baauw
Paperback: $19.99
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Lagharn the Dragon is just one of many legends in this anthology. Collected here are the legends of the Stone Princes, Boulder the Warrior, The Indian and the Book, The Cavern of Dry Bones, The... More > Frozen Warriors and so much more. Toowyn returns with his trusted companion Jonathan as we meet new heroes and heroines; Tanu, Rainer, Narlia, Alleysia and Boulder the Frozen Warrior. Once again good is pitted against evil, Light must battle Dark as the evil Beltshazzar, Daytura and Nero use their power to tempt seeds to surrender to their darker selves. Armed with special gifts and the courage of their faith in the King of Light, our band of heroes and heroines journey to the dark realms of their consciences to test themselves and their will to live a life of good and light. Failure means a fate worse than death… eternity in darkness.< Less
Journey of the Seeds - Toowyn By Carol Baauw
Paperback: $19.99
Ships in 3-5 business days
Journey of the Seeds - Toowyn starts the reader on the journey of the first-born son of a village chieftain. Trained by the great warriors of the King of Light in the arts of war, Toowyn becomes both... More > a mighty warrior and the leader of his people. Able to penetrate deeper into the Darl Lord’s lairs, Toowyn and his band of brave warriors and healers bring great victory to the Kingdom of Light until… All of us are nothing if not essentially human and that means none of us are immune to the temptations of evil. Toowyn, mighty warrior for the cause of good that he is also finds himself at the crossroads when those he holds dear are taken from him and held hostage by the forces of evil. ‘Toowyn’ tells of the journey into darkness, the creation of the dark warrior Axemuror and his eventual salvation and return to the light.< Less

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Left to Die Left to Die By Wes Rand
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