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Happy In Dirt By Andrew Kuharevicz
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Note ONE: This is a work of fiction often based on real dreams HAPPY IN DIRT (Part one was a short lived book, Sleep walking Under the Moon Soul of Lake Michigan)NOTE TWO: HAPPY IN DIRT is a choose... More > your own adventure book for humans that call themselves adults, and in the end you realize that you only have once choice, and that’s to learn how to become HAPPY IN DIRT. Society has a plan…I'm going to hide in the Literature section of an old book store, and here's why...Question everything. That was the plan. By, Andrew H. Kuharevicz . Great. Now. Go. Nothing. I'm a complete mess of a man. WEST VINE PRESS< Less
An Untitled and Written E.P #2 By Andrew Kuharevicz
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This is not for children. It is a loaded weapon. It is not always a nice book. It is often inked with rage and bewilderment. Within the following pages you will find words that come from many... More > different projects and books, draft pages as well as notes and cuts. Many of the selections have been shortened. This E.P is a sample of an overall body of work. (WARNING: This Book might make you mad, sad, happy, or confused. This Book might make you think a different way. How you feel is up to you, but the editors promise you, that it will make you laugh, at least once.)< Less
A Town On A Lake By Andrew Kuharevicz
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PHYSICAL COPY BOOK (&D.L) A book about the winter and the end of an era. A Book About Life and death and war. About savages and locals and where that leaves you...and A Fiction short story of... More > sorts about the future and the spring and broken screens and fixed typewriters. About love and jokes and pain. An absurd short book about what the score is after the recession. Set in spontaneous and formed prose. A Book in the ongoing More Adventures of A Dying Young Man Series, A Town On A Lake. written by Andrew H. kuharevicz is a story about a place that does and does not exist. It's about the end of Borderland, and if that even means anything. The story is about Henry Oldfield. He's a writer. This is his life. Before The Going, After the Fear, and Before the Future Book of War There is…A Town on a Lake. Click Preview for short sample. Other forms of print coming soon. Only on West Vine Press. PHYSICAL COPY BOOK. GO REAL!< Less
A Spontaneous Revolution By Andrew Kuharevicz
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2010 (This original print version is limited. It is the first edition. Each book written by Andrew H. Kuharevicz (years 2006-2012) is on a list to be completely edited and reformatted by the end of... More > 2013. The covers might end up slightly changing. There’s an artistic process here, and it’s nearing a highpoint where many of the youthful errors are seen without blinking. Thank you. The editors.) Inside of this odd novel we find an American Writer unleashing A Spontaneous Revolution upon everything that he subjectively views within the world. In search for life and humanity subjective creativity is pushed to the breaking point. The journey-the traveled road follows our Artistic Narrator from Michigan all the way To Saint Petersburg Florida where he discovers is the place where Jack Kerouac spent his final days.< Less