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My Grandma is a Witch! By Stefan Allsebrook
Paperback: $10.39
Prints in 3-5 business days
A trip to Transylvania to meet her new Grandma promises to be fun and exciting for Sophie. But when they touch down, she already starts to feel nervous about this strange new land. Wolves howl, owls... More > screech, ghosts can be heard whispering in the trees...and the first person she meets is a skeleton! Sophie discovers that her new grandma lives in a castle and when she meets her new Grandma for the first time she realises the truth. Her Grandma is a witch! And the castle is no ordinary castle. It is a witch's castle. There are ghosts. There are suits of armour that move from place to place. Even the pictures on the walls watch you as you move across the room. But as ugly as she is, as frightening as she seems, maybe the old witch isn't so bad. She makes some interesting potions...and even the wolves seem to be scared of her. As Sophie gets to know her Grandma, she starts to wonder how she could ever have imagined life without her... My Grandma is a Witch! is a warm story for children 5 - 8 years.< Less
My Best Friend is an Alien! By Stefan Allsebrook
Paperback: $10.40
Prints in 3-5 business days
When a new girl joins her school, Jodie is struck by how different she seems. The new girl has shimmering hair that seems to change colour as you gaze at it. She has a strange green tint to her skin.... More > And she has the blackest, deepest eyes you could ever imagine... But as the two girls become friends, Jodie finds that there is more to Dawn than her strange appearance. She is intelligent and interesting and very understanding. She lives in a strange, round house. And she has a special box. A box that can amplify thoughts...move things from one place to another...and even stop time! The more she gets to know this curious new girl, the more Jodie suspects that things aren't quite as they seem. And she comes to realise she has got the best friend in the whole wide universe!< Less
The Bachelor's Plough By Stefan Allsebrook
Paperback: $22.28
Prints in 3-5 business days
When an avaricious pensioner pulls an old plough from the River Thames, to sell as scrap to supplement her pension, she has no idea that she has lit the fuse for a theological time bomb. With the... More > power to turn crops to gold, the Bachelor's plough threatens to bring chaos to the existing power hierarchy in Heaven and on Earth - a bit like when a combine harvester rolls down a hill after the driver has neglected to apply the handbrake. One time god of the Ancient Greeks, Zeus, wants the plough for his own godly ends. The omnipotent Father of all Creation, God, must stop anyone gaining power over the plough, for the preservation of his own bearded longevity. Zeus has Thorax The Barbarian on his side. God has John Thomas, a bus driver. In the most nail-biting race since Jessica Fletcher and Beryl Reid ran against each other in the egg-and-spoon event at the Porn Industry's Annual Charity Sports Day in 1986, only one god can win... The other must be satisfied with second place.< Less
Fallen Angel By Stefan Allsebrook
Paperback: $22.33
Prints in 3-5 business days
God has got a problem (though you wouldn’t say it to His face). He has lost an angel. And not just any angel. He has lost the archangel Raphael. Omniscient as He is, He has no idea what has... More > happened to the absent seraph. Raphael hasn’t been seen since he took a routine trip to Earth some months ago. Raphael had the terrible habit of leaving his underpants on the fridge in Heaven – but God didn’t want to lose him. The good Lord is wise. He knows that if the lost archangel falls in to the wrong hands, His theological integrity could be severely compromised. What if the archangel were to give away secrets of Heaven, under torture? Or what if he were to expose personal details about the Lord? It would be a calamity, not to say highly embarrassing. So when God discovers that the devil himself has appeared on Earth on some sudden business, He fears the worst. And the hunt for the archangel begins...< Less

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