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Mauretania By Chris Reynolds
eBook (PDF): $4.72
Susan: an ordinary young woman employed by the Reynal Import/Export Agency, a company that seems to do no useful work, and has only one interest - quizzing Susan about her previous job at Fern Ltd, a... More > factory closed down under mysterious circumstances... and Jimmy: the man in a helmet marked with two figure IIs, which he never takes off, an enigma driven by unknown forces. Originally published by Penguin Books. "In Mauretania there is a partial suspension in time, a curious internal logic and a feeling of distant menace." - Glasgow Herald. "Rather like The Prisoner, Chris Reynolds' Mauretania can be interpreted as a conspiracy or an allegory, and its strengths lie in twisting familiar concerns into something sinister." - Comics International. "The clean lines of the art and the dreamlike story invest Mauretania with an insidious power." - Time Out.< Less
Adventures From Mauretania By Chris Reynolds
eBook (PDF): $6.25
(1 Ratings)
If you've never read Mauretania Comics before, start with this one! Graphic novel "Adventures From Mauretania" contains all the best Chris Reynolds stories from the famous Mauretania Comics... More > series. Includes "Monitor's Human Reward", "The Small Mines" and "Whisper in the Shadows". Previously voted one of the Best 100 Comics of the Year in the "Comics Journal".< Less
The Dial and Other Stories By Chris Reynolds
eBook (PDF): $9.43
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Graphic novel. The Dial: Reg returns from the space war to find his childhood home abandoned and the entire landscape being quarried away. Where are his parents and why does the old house decay so... More > quickly? The Golden Age: Young Robert lives in a dream of marrying the headmistress of his school, but the dream turns to nightmare when they meet Cwiss, a dreadful incubus with other plans. Plus: The Little Blind Girl, In And Out Of The Sun, One-Panel Stories. Artwork from this book was displayed at the "Comic Timing" exhibition at Harrods, London. Previously published by Kingly Books.< Less
Cinema Detectives By Chris Reynolds
eBook (PDF): $3.16
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Graphic novel. Before Mauretania Comics there were the Cinema Detectives. See the adventures of Rosa Pleck, Mike Higson, Ken Prime and Inspector Rockwell from the famous comic books. (PLUS - Build ... More > Your Own Cinema!)< Less

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