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Merryll Manning Is Dead Lucky By John Howard Reid
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Merryll Manning tackles a killer in Hollywood in this acclaimed novel that has never before been published in America, even though the rights were purchased by a leading New York publisher for no... More > less than $10,000. These rights expired in 2014. Now you can finally read the book that was thought to offer far too much competition to a leading publisher's list of mystery and detective novels, and was therefore purchased so that it could be suppressed! If you enjoy a stylish, fast-paced murder mystery, chock-full of believable yet fascinating characters, you'll love "Merryll Manning Is Dead Lucky". As the reviewer for "The Times" commented on June 22, 1990, when this hardcover/paperback book was originally published in England, Ireland, Australia, South Africa, India and New Zealand: "One of this country's foremost mystery-thriller writers, John Howard Reid succeeds any attempts by the reader to guess the outcome of DEAD LUCKY."< Less
Merryll Manning: A Brush with Death By John Howard Reid
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"A Brush with Death" takes former police detective, Merryll Manning, from his usual haunts in Miami, Florida, to "Allmiston", a leading city in Colorado, where Manning obtains a... More > job with Security at the city's Art Gallery for the duration of a Rembrandt Exhibition. A leading art thief, self-styled Rob Roy, threatens to steal at least one of the Rembrandts. Presumably, he is already employed at the Gallery. But who is he? Or she? Other factions are also at work. Manning and other members of the staff are threatened. A security guard is killed, a religious bigot goes on the rampage, and the skirt-chasing Manning ends up in court! This is the first USA and Canadian printing of a book originally published in Britain, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, India and South Africa in 1999. "Reid's plots are cleverly constructed and he provides a colorful parade of characters." (Sunday Mail). "Totally fascinating!" (Sunday Telegraph). "Reid successfully foils any attempts to guess the outcome of the plot." (The Times).< Less
77 Movies That Just Missed Awards or Audience Applause By John Howard Reid
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Movies detailed in this book include both films that are well-known and those that are somewhat obscure, although nearly all are now available on DVD. Titles include The Bat Whispers, The Bishop... More > Misbehaves, Black Midnight, Caesar and Cleopatra, Chisum, City Beneath the Sea, Comedy of Terrors, Corsair, The Count of Monte Cristo, Cromwell, The Egyptian, The Glass Web, How To Marry a Millionaire, The Jack-Knife Man, Key to the City, Kiss Me Deadly, Ladies Love Danger, Midnight, Our Hospitality, The Road to Reno, So This Is New York, Stella Dallas, Stormy Weather, The Thirteenth Guest, Tickle Me, Titanic, Tower of London, Transatlantic Merry-Go-Round, The Valley of Decision, Viva Zapata!, You Can't Cheat an Honest Man.< Less
Mark, Matthew, Luke and John: The 4 Gospels By John Howard Reid
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Newly translated from the best recently available Greek texts, this book presents not only the Gospels of Mark, Matthew, Luke and John (placing them in their correct order of composition), but fresh... More > translations of other New Testament books as well. The author is not an adherent of any particular Christian religion and is therefore free to report what Jesus actually said, what Mary and the apostles actually thought, not what various religious bodies think they ought to have said or ought to have thought. Mary emerges as a real person. Extensive notes accompany the text for readers who wish to probe deeper into the Gospels, their philosophy and their authorship. Other New Testament documents translated in this book include the three letters by John, the Elder; the Letter to Christian Exiles, often incorrectly identified in other Bibles as written by Peter, the Apostle, but actually credited by Peter himself to Silvanus; plus Paul's disputed First Letter to Timothy, as well as his disputed Letter to Titus.< Less