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Stories Too Fiery to Sing Too Watery to Whisper By Daniel Abdal-Hayy Moore
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The pleasure of feeling the poem discovering itself is always a particular joy in reading this poet -- especially so because the voyage of discovery each poem seems to make is, finally, a journey... More > toward the light — whether inside or outside, grand and glorious or fine and concentrated and elusive and just or almost entirely out of reach... yet somehow still in there or out there somewhere, waiting to be found. (From the Preface, by Tom Clark) These are kinds of Sufi narrative poems, but not stories exactly and more like ecstatic perceptions and surreal notions leading (God willing) to Light.< Less
Eternity Shimmers / Time Holds its Breath / Poems By Daniel Abdal-Hayy Moore
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Eternity shimmers in the room among the bright solid furniture that is the furniture of Eternity the bookcases and lamps the bed I wake from and the sound of the silence here that is its child the... More > swirling ocean of time washing us in its blessings in constant motion of cylinder within cylinder of intangible turning invisible to the touch in which we age minute by minute inwardly forward but motionless in Eternity impossible to calculate except in angelic terms whose bright silver dazzles the mind beyond its usual earthly limitations whose walls and doors and streets and skies are sweetly blasted apart by the dimensions of Eternity and we live in it unbeknownst to us else we’d faint at the pure nothingness we are and God’s Magnificence always facing us beyond even Eternity’s confines and paltry measurements to show us anything but His resplendent Face in absolutely everything that is in its instant of being< Less
He Comes Running / Poems By Daniel Abdal-Hayy Moore
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These Poems written within the limits of 6X4 inch pocket-sized pieces of paper (one poem per piece) in Istanbul, Turkey, visiting dervish friends, listening to long-night spiritual talks (sohbets) in... More > (for me) incomprehensible Turkish, in November of 2013. Translations of the ineffable, on cloud strands floating in air? Words out of nowhere? "Sometimes the dawn comes/up so silently you don't notice/that its tissues of gold have/slid over everything with the/just-as-it-is-ness of everything/placid in its light...< Less
The Soul's Home / Poems By Daniel Abdal-Hayy Moore
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This collection from 2013 continues the intended trajectory of a lifetime’s work that celebrates and posits the direct perception that The Divine Reality faces us from everywhere and in... More > literally every circumstance of each moment of our lives. In this, the world’s soul envelope has been turned inside out, revealing itself in images of light. Rather than invoking metaphors for experience, my project has been to “move from the word as symbol toward the word as reality” (as W.C. Williams said about the poetry of Ezra Pound), words not standing for an already completed experience, physical or spiritual, but in the act of writing itself revealing the core, the poem’s very details being in themselves the experience, between seen and unseen, with transitive imagination the active aesthetic practice, as much as Allah inspires and allows.< Less

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