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Occulture Vol I By Stephen J Ash
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Occulture Vol I is the first in a series of anthologies dealing with Occultural topics. Book Contents include the following Essays: Was There a Lemurian Serpent Cult? The Alice West Mystery : A... More > Tale of Witchcraft and Fraud Are the Irish Descended from Egyptian Vampires!? Fire Queen: Some Thoughts on Brigantia / Brigit The Marian Triad : Mother Nacht and the Cult of the Three Marys in the Origins of Christianity. How the Kabbalistic Tree of Life got messed up! A So-Called Traditional Witchcraft An Introduction to the Lovecraft Mythos And the classic BLACK SUN RISING!< Less
The Spawn of Azazel By Stephen J Ash
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An in depth investigation of the lore of the Nephilim. Who were they and where did they go? What were the Watchers? How does this relate to the Pagan Mysteries of the Ancient Hurrians?
The Dogon Enigma By Stephen J Ash
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An exploration of the mystery and bizarre events associated with Marcel Griaule's controversial study of the Dogon tribe of Mali. An epic journey through anthropological controversy, African... More > initiation systems and culture, shamanism, astronomical enigmas, astrology, surrealism, counter culture, occult intrigue, secret societies, military psychic research and the parapolitical games of Cold War Intelligence Agencies and wealthy eccentrics.< Less
Mind By Stephen J Ash
eBook (PDF): $4.69
PDF edition of the Philosophy of Mind book by Stephen J Ash. A basic introduction to the Philosophy of Mind from the authors personal standpoint

The Multiverse in a Nutshell The Multiverse in a... By Stephen J Ash Paperback:
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The Black Knights The Black Knights By Stephen J Ash Paperback:
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