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Precipitation By Helen Baker
eBook (ePub): $8.95
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We all know Caroline Bingley because the Bennet family suffered from her duplicity. Can such a woman ever be a heroine? In fact she struggled against obstacles which make Lizzy Bennet's vulgar... More > relations appear trivial.'Superb! I have spent a leisurely and extremely enjoyable two days reading Precipitation... this was SO enjoyable I thoroughly thoroughly enjoyed it.'< Less
The Watsons - Revisited By Helen Baker
eBook (ePub): $9.14
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In Regency England, a leisured lady wrote eighteen thousand words of a delightful story and then abandoned her attempt. Everyone who read the fragment regretted her decision. Now, all has been... More > incorporated into a complete novel which, it is to be hoped, should give pleasure to many.< Less
Maria - Jane Austen's Northanger Abbey Continued By Helen Baker
eBook (ePub): $8.99
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The machinations of the Thorpe family dominate Northanger Abbey. Read now how John Thorpe's extravagance brought his family to the brink of ruin and enabled Captain Tilney to master that proud beauty... More > Isabella Thorpe. Nor would he stop there when she possessed two lovely sisters, one barely sixteen. How can they, geographically separated by the dispersal of the family, resist him? Helen Baker modestly presents her eighth book inspired by Jane Austen and hopes it will give as much pleasure and profit in the reading as in the writing.< Less
Miss Jane Austen's Lady Susan - Revived By Helen Baker
eBook (ePub): $8.99
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Lady Susan is the most beautiful, beguiling schemer in Regency England. She must subjugate every gentleman who crosses her path, conducting multiple flirtations and extracting herself deviously from... More > all the complications. When her husband dies, leaving her destitute with a pretty, innocent daughter on her hands, she uses all her wiles to find them both convenient husbands. Convenient to herself, that is. Jane Austen penned 'Lady Susan' at nineteen. It was her first completed attempt at a novel, but in the form of letters. She never submitted it for publication. Yet the twenty-three thousand words sparkle with genius. Here, the narrative is presented as it might have appeared as one of Miss Austen's mature works. If this seems sacrilege, this second English lady authoress begs the public to remember that 'Sense and Sensibility' was first written in the form of letters. Perhaps, if she had been spared, Miss Austen might have subjected her first youthful work to a similar revision.< Less

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