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Day by Day with T. Austin-Sparks: Spiritual Nuggets from the Ministry of Theodore Austin-Sparks By Theodore Austin-Sparks
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This book contains 365 daily meditations from the writings of T. Austin Sparks who was one of the leading Christian spiritual giants of the 20th century. To all those who want to grow in the... More > knowledge of Christ this book is without comparison. Austin-Sparks emphasizes the centrality and supremacy of Christ, the Church and the Cross. For the serious Christian this is an outstanding collection of spiritual ministry and refreshment. It has been said that to read Sparks is to discover Christ as few men have ever known Him.< Less
What the Gospel Is By Theodore Austin-Sparks
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It is very important that we should know what the Gospel is. If we were asked to state what the Gospel is, probably we should set down some passages of Scripture which we consider are inclusive of... More > the Gospel. Probably John 3:16 and say - that is the Gospel. We should be right to a point, but at best we should only be stating certain basic truths about the Gospel; glorious truths and yet not in themselves the Gospel in its fulness or in its central meaning. Those are wonderful facts and they are constituent parts of the Gospel, but that is not the Gospel in the sense in which you and I must understand the Gospel and know the meaning of the Gospel. I believe that the Gospel is just this, simply, but most profoundly, that the Son of God, Who is also Son of Man, has come, and in His Coming has expressed in the world the Divine type of what God intended before times eternal that His race, His creation, should be.< Less
The Anointing Divine By Theodore Austin-Sparks
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“The promise of the Father” was a long-standing promise, and therefore, a long-standing hope. The point, of course, which is so impressive, is this, that ... all the meaning and value of... More > Christ, in every respect, was only made effective here by the coming of the Holy Spirit... If He “did not go away, the Spirit would not come”; it was “expedient that He should go away” for that very reason, surely indicating and implying that all that He had come to do, and did, waited for its practical effectiveness in the coming of the Spirit. Christ’s life, Christ’s work, and Christ’s power as Son of Man here, was dependent entirely upon the anointing. He fulfilled all His ministry in dependence upon the anointing, by all that the anointing meant. It was true in His case, and the Word of God bears that out abundantly, it must be all the more true, certainly equally true, in the case of the church; that the church’s life and work, ministry and power rest solely upon the anointing of the Holy Spirit.< Less
The Second Man - The Last Adam By Theodore Austin-Sparks
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"Well, here is this second Man, this last Adam, who has come in on the one side to expose the old, to condemn the old, and to put away the old by His Cross, in which the whole of that old Adam... More > was crucified. And on the other side, to bring in, establish, and extend a race of men and women who are partaking of His own potentialities. These are given His own gifts, spiritually and morally. They learn by His working and His grace, in the mighty power of the Holy Spirit that, after all, there is a dominion which God meant for man, and that dominion, that ascendancy, that victory, is found in Christ, in real measure, now. The end is that race of which He is the first and the last, reigning and glorified. It is the complete reversal of all that came in with the first man. When you read at the end, 'There will no longer be any mourning, or crying, or pain' (Rev. 21:4), but everything to the contrary, you see the triumph in the second Man, the last Adam, and that is what remains when all the other is no more." T.A-S.< Less

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