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The Horribles By Carolyn Watson-Dubisch
Hardcover: $21.99
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Things that go bump in the night! Monkeys that dance and a Creature that rants. Monsters that snap and bite! Sylvia Horrible ventures into the world after escaping her father's dungeon and the tiny... More > town will never be the same. She travels about town tormenting the creature that lived under her bed, raising the dead, and manipulating a zombie monkey with unpleasant consequences. A comic for kids (and adults)of all ages.< Less
Little Scotty Scaredy Cat By Carolyn Watson-Dubisch
eBook (PDF): $1.00
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Little Scotty is afraid of everything. He's afraid of the dark,and loud noises, but most of all he's afraid of Bargain Bunny. The loud bunny character with a bull horn that's on TV and shouting at... More > the mall. How will little Scotty learn to conquer his fears?< Less
The Horribles, Book 4 By Carolyn Watson-Dubisch
eBook (PDF): $0.99
Creature chases Sylvia all over town with a decaying zombie monkey. Celeste the cyclops moves to town and misses her life in France. Full of humor and odd situations, read the comic everyone loves!
The People That Melt in The Rain, issue #2 By Carolyn Watson-Dubisch & Mike Dubisch
eBook (PDF): $1.80
On Laura's first day of school she discovers a Rain God trapped inside a painting hanging in the school library. The Rain God, Huya, brought misery and pain to the town of Deluge many years ago...... More > She calls to Laura to free her...Will she unleash this menace on her new hometown?< Less