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FAMILY REUNION Afterlife Contact By Joseph Babinsky
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This book begins with a “call for mediums.” The answer fills the pages that follow. The author had no idea what would unfold, but his willingness brought many surprises - especially when... More > his birth family came to write letters from the afterlife. He heard from a brother that was killed during WWII, a sister never met that died one day after birth, his mom and dad, and seven other siblings. These and many others are amazing stories. They teach us that death is not a great sleep, or the end of all consciousness. Death is transition to a different life with new beginnings. These stories are of individuals experiencing love and progress in the afterlife – and on earth.< Less
THE GIFT - Teachings of Jesus By Joseph Babinsky
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TWO THEMES are featured in this book: The first is Jesus and his teachings communicated to James Padgett one hundred year ago. The second is the story of the author and how he came upon the first... More > theme twelve years ago. Teachings of Jesus reveal that humans are souls clothed in a spirit body and temporarily inhabiting a mortal body. The soul is the greatest of God’s creation and the object of His Divine Love, which when received abundantly, transforms the soul. God is our loving Heavenly Father who desires to give His Divine Love but never forces a human to receive it. When we do, Divine Love is THE GIFT that perfects the soul. This experience is a gradual process that begins on earth and continues when we pass. The author began the process and his family, now living in the afterlife, ends the book by confirming this information.< Less
OUR WONDERFUL SOUL: Experiencing God's Love By Joseph Babinsky
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Can humans on earth communicate with persons in the afterlife? What do they say about human life on earth? What happens when we die? What is the next life really like? Does God love us... More > unconditionally? How can humans experience God’s Love? What is the soul? How can we nurture our potential? Investigate these and many other questions in this thought-provoking and inspirational book, OUR WONDERFUL SOUL: Experiencing God’s Love. This book is based on information found within messages received from spirit sources by the medium James Padgett between 1914 and 1920. Additional messages received in 2015 by the medium James Reid are included.< Less
MESSAGES FROM HEAVEN By Joseph Babinsky (Compiler/Editor) & James E. Padgett (Recorder)
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This book is based on messages from Jesus and other Celestial spirits recorded by James Padgett between 1914 and 1920. Padgett, a lawyer in Washington, DC, is practically unknown, and yet recorded... More > vitally important messages from Spirits who desire humanity to realize the truth about life and death that Christianity is not teaching. Jesus brings again the truths of his message and mission from his work on earth 2000 years ago. Dr. D. Samuels says about these messages: "Whatever one may believe regarding the source of these messages, the contents are so new and revolutionary, yet so compelling by their logic and sublime simplicity, that a serious study of them must be undertaken in order to comprehend their significance and challenge." Accept the challenge and investigate for your self the astounding good news of God's Great Love presented in these messages from heaven. God's Love is the Divine Love; it has real substance and when received into the soul will change the soul and complete our creation.< Less

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