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Aztec Warrior - The Savior - Vol. 2 By Raymond Rayos
eBook (PDF): $3.00
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In this second installment of the Aztec Warrior, Pilli (now known as Miquiztli) is in China. He has been sent by Tiacapan (his brother) to help a culture that does not want help. They are very... More > self-reliant and do not welcome outsiders. Not only must he find out where the danger will be coming from but his personal life has hit a brick wall. At least until he laid eyes on the exotic beauty known as An. She somehow ties into the turmoil that will unfold to reveal the hidden truths about some of their new found friends. Are they friend or foe, and how can he trust anyone if they all claim to be honest acquaintances?< Less
Aztec Warrior - The Emperor - Vol. 3 By Raymond Rayos
eBook (PDF): $3.00
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In the final stages of his journey, Miquiztli is now the Savior. He has taken on the task as his own and will not stop until it has been completed. He now knows the importance of his role in how the... More > Gods have chosen to purify the world. He is the most intricate part of their plan. Traveling from place to place he has finally become the leader and warrior that is needed to bring down the evil warlord, Coatl. But will it be enough when he arrives, and who will still be alive when he gets back?< Less
Aztec Warrior : The Prince - Vol. 1 By Raymond Rayos
eBook (ePub): $3.00
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Imagine you are an Aztec Emperor who is trying to lead a revolt against an evil war lord. Your two eldest sons both lead the Aztec army and have planned an attack. Before they are able to carry out... More > the plan they are betrayed and the least likely person must step up and become the hero that is needed. Your youngest son who does not believe in violence and is the smallest of your children is thrown into the middle of a hundred year struggle. He fails and is outcast from his home. That's when the real story begins. His ten year journey takes him to places he has never seen or heard of before. He is guided by his brother from the spirit world until his task is complete. He is sent on a mission from the Gods to learn what he must in order to become the warrior that is required. Only then can he return and free his people.< Less
Kane and Abel By Raymond Rayos
eBook (ePub): $1.79
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The paths of two brothers are not set in stone. What should have been is not, and what should not be, is. The character of a man is not determined by his environment.

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