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The Holy Sage Agathiyar /Agastya By Vashisht Vaid
Paperback: $24.36
Prints in 3-5 business days
Only a HANDFUL Few of those Important Documents, were Vitally SELECTED from the GREAT WORKS of the VENERABLE SAGE AGATHIYAR/ AGASTYA MUNI, Which are Vitally Appropriate for the Current Cyclic Time of... More > this Evolutionary Planet Earth, which by my HUMBLE UNDERTAKINGS, have taken the Final SHAPE of these TWO More BOOKS Titled ‘THE HOLY SAGE AGATHIYAR / AGASTYA – BOOK I and II.< Less
The Codified Mysteries By Vashisht Vaid
Paperback: $24.95
Prints in 3-5 business days
This book “The codified Mysteries” may provide the reader, the required conscious awareness related to normal looking literary text of ancient stories and the symbolic knowledge imbedded... More > in the ancient buildings which is technically the secret knowledge of universe [Brahmanda], which was imbedded into these various symbolic structures erected upon planet earth, as our planet earth is the most important planet in our solar system, which is technically the center of our entire evolving universe [Brahmanda] thus existing subjectively and objectively in the Cosmic Vital/Physical plane, if looking at it from the spiritual aspect, and not only from the normal physical aspect like most humans do.< Less
The Morning Twilight Period of True Name, having Ambrosia Nectar of Immortality -book I By Vashisht Vaid
Paperback: $28.98
Prints in 3-5 business days
This Spiritual Book Named “AMRIT VELA SACH NAAO’’ came into Existence After Completion of My Earlier Books, which were Completed and Published in USA, after a Great Resistance... More > Caused by the Most Corrupt Invisible Demonic Beings and Entities of the Universe, known by ‘’Various Titles and Names’’ in All Languages, Faiths, and Cultures, who are Illegally Present in this Physical World and also Deceitfully Controlling the 3 Dimensional Planes of this Planet Earth Against the ESTABLISHED EVOLUTIONARY ORDER [HUKAM] of the TRUE SUPREME LORD GOD [SACHA SAHIB], which are Collectively Known as the THREE DIMENSIONAL WORLDS, or in SANSKRIT as ‘’TRILOKA’’ or ‘’TARIBHAVAN’’ in PUNJABI, and these 3 Dimensional Planes Collectively Exist as an Important Part of the ‘’COSMIC SEGMENT OF RIGHTEOUSNESS’’ IN THE INFINITE UNIVERSE, Known to Exalted Conscious SEERS and SAGES as the ‘’DHARAM KHANDD’.< Less
The Secrets of Astrology By Vashisht Vaid
Paperback: $21.95
Prints in 3-5 business days
This book, “The Secrets of Astrology” explains the reader, deep secrets of these polarity relationships which exist between cosmic concious entitites and beings whose bodies are these... More > manifested planets, solar systems, and constellations, which exist in the spherical brahmanda [Universe]. Who trying to harmonize the continous flow of energies, which keeps the continuation of concious expansion of the superme being known as the cosmic fire [Antariksh Agni] who is the “thinker” for this grand experiments spherical existance in time and space through spiral cyclic rotational movement. The spiral aspect is due to the electric dynamic will known as Shiva [Father] aspect, the cycle is due to the Vishnu [Son} aspect and the rotation is due to the mother [Holy Ghost] aspect.< Less

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