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VHDL BY EXAMPLE By Blaine Readler
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A practical primer for the student and practicing engineer already familiar with the basics of digital design, the reference develops a working grasp of the VHLD hardware description language... More > step-by-step using easy-to-understand examples. Starting with a simple but workable design sample, increasingly more complex fundamentals of the language are introduced until all core features of VHDL are brought to light. Included in the coverage are state machines, modular design, FPGA-based memories, clock management, specialized I/O, and an introduction to techniques of simulation. The goal is to prepare the reader to design real-world FPGA solutions. All the sample code used in the book is available online. What Strunk and White did for the English language with “The Elements of Style,” VHDL BY EXAMPLE does for FPGA design.< Less
Overlay By Blaine Readler
Paperback: $13.95
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Myths of spirits and wraiths roaming a world just beyond our mortal perceptions have haunted mankind since the dawn of history. Against common sense and sane reasoning, Jordan attempts an expedition... More > into just such a world in pursuit of his fiancée who lies senseless in an inexplicable coma. Her professor has discovered a sixth-century manuscript describing such a journey, and wielding an ancient Latin palindrome, he launches Jordan on an expedition stranger than he could have imagined. The Overlay is populated by souls both familiar and legendary, and one in particular who has determined that Jordan represents a challenge to his domain and must be destroyed. Worse, Jordan realizes that the professor was weak on his instructions for returning.< Less
The Shoes of Moses By Blaine Readler
Paperback: $13.95
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Ponderable stories about next-generation Predator drones scouting the Mexican border for illegals, a scientist whose only means of escaping certain death in the Antarctic carries him into the future,... More > robots fooled by Groucho glasses, interstellar astronauts who draw blood over dessert snacks while the schizophrenic ship computer eggs them on, and the smartest man on Earth who’s dumber than a turnip. Then, there’s a whole gaggle of ponderable stories about aliens: aliens that come to Earth to claim the remains of their deceased Roswell companions, only to find the captain’s head is missing; aliens that come to Earth to recruit space fighter pilots because their own arms are too short to reach the controls; aliens that try to come to earth disguised as marbles; and aliens that come to Earth to practice their acting roles as aliens coming to Earth. Stories to ponder and debate; stories that will change your world.< Less
Off the Grid By Blaine Readler
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With a determination born of desperation, Fels has convinced Carl to abandon their life in San Diego and build a self-sufficient little cabin high in the Cuyamaca Mountains. Carl has been wrestling... More > with the premature termination of his blossoming musical career due to a freak accident, while Fels struggles with grief over the death of her beloved young nephew, for which she feels partly to blame. She believes that they can both find relief in the solitude afforded off the grid. Carl, though, wonders whether the isolation has begun to affect their minds when he finds an ancient Cuyamaca tribal chief hovering in the shadows, his spirit manifested as a coyote, while Fels is convinced that her nephew has reincarnated as a young ferret. More ominously, Carl realizes that another invisible visitor has been lurking among them, one created and placed for the sole purpose of killing humans. And there is no mistaking that this visitor is very much real.< Less