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The Secret - To the Next 20 Years By Helen Baker
Hardcover: $157.73
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Are the next 20 years under your control? What do they offer? The same dull routine that bores you already? Will you drag yourself through them hampered by increasing age and disillusionment? You... More > need not. You dare not! I have been there - I know. At last, help is to hand. Today, even the richest cannot match my life-style in many respects.Let me show you. Follow these simple steps and you too may create the affluent, interesting and varied future of your dreams. Learn to control your own destiny. While you still can. It IS possible. After 25 years, I can prove it.< Less
Are You Rich Enough to Retire - Right Now? By Helen Baker
Paperback: $16.20
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Do you expect to grow old, stuck in a boring job, in a dull world, when there is no need? You may be able to change everything, right now but permanently, and for the better - as I did. Most people,... More > even money professionals, have little idea, on a daily basis, of what they are really worth. Still less, what that amount means in practice. Until you follow my simple guide, you will never know for sure. Why waste more vital years in unnecessary sapping drudgery?< Less
My French Garden By Helen Baker
Paperback: $12.20
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It has taken popular author Helen Baker over twenty years to create her beautiful, ecological yet productive garden in France.In doing so, she discovered a different culture, unforgettable neighbours... More > and a breathtaking diversity of wild life to share it.And the story continues to evolve. Laugh with her at French peasant cunning and superstitions. Then discover how daily life outre-Marche makes gardening in France quite different to what any English gardener can ever experience. Starting from abandoned vineyard, Helen Baker now looks out over trees, shrubs, a large orchard, vegetables, soft fruit, lawns, ponds and flower beds galore. Learn the secrets of French success and how the nation has, at last, been seized by the ornamental gardening bug.< Less
Two Lost Souls in Seoul 2011 By Helen Baker
Paperback: $10.75
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A pair of elderly travellers believed that, after China and Japan, they could easily cope with Korea. They learnt the hard way that no concessions are made to foreign tourists at all - because there... More > are none - and ended up in a brothel.< Less