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The Savage Kick #7 By Steve Hussy
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It's here, folks. The SAVAGE KICK LITERARY MAGAZINE #7 will continue to push the boundaries of ballsy literature, mixing writers you know and love with new discoveries in the grit-lit genre. We... More > could release a book every year, but we prefer to wait until it's just damn right. SK#7 is cooked perfectly... rare to blue with shots of whisky to wash it down with. The writers and artists in this issue are: --- Carson Mell --- Gene Gregorits --- Mark SaFranko --- Jon Terranova --- Steve Hussy --- Joel Williams --- Shea Hennum --- Mark Rogers --- Chris Rogers --- John Biggs --- Jonny Gibbings --- Joe Machine --- Oliver Pover. THE SAVAGE KICK #7 is ideal for fans of confessional and dark crime literature. Think Charles Bukowski, Louis-Ferdinand Celine and John Fante. Then throw in some Joe R. Lansdale and Jim Thompson. That potent recipe creates a book you won't be able to put down.< Less
Back By Steve Hussy
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“I had learnt that teachers are almost exclusively smug, phony left-wing, backstabbing, pseudo-intellectual, frequently stupid, hypocritical cunts. But I better explain all that. “And... More > why you need to run, fucking run, from them.” --- After quitting teaching in his late twenties, Steve Hussy became an editor of Murder Slim Press. He then became penniless due to be being screwed over by one of his co-editors. Forced back into teaching, he follows a series of rules to ensure that he keeps his job... whilst constantly watching and writing about the strange and often repellent hundred-plus teachers that he works with. For Hussy, his students are rarely the downside of the job... The true pitfall is the charmless, corporate face of modern education. --- Hussy's sparse, venomous writing - first in STEPS and then in numerous literary magazines - has drawn comparisons to the darkest and most honest confessional writers.< Less
Savage Kick #6 By Dan Fante et al.
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The sixth issue of THE SAVAGE KICK features another line-up of ballsy and - at times - shocking tales from some of the leading writers in the crime and confessional genres. Headed by an exclusive... More > excerpt from Dan Fante's 2013 release POINT DOOM, SK#6 features exclusive interviews with both Fante and Debbie Drechsler. At over 200 pages, SK#6 delivers a jolt to the gut, never shying away from dark themes in twelve punchy tales that'll stick in your memory.< Less