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Bella Compra una Gran Bici Azul¡ By Debra Avara
Paperback: $10.49
Prints in 3-5 business days
Bella Compra una Gran Bici Bzul¡ fue escrito como introducción a la administración del dinero para estudiantes de primaria. Únete a Bella en su viaje desde su primer... More > "deseo" de tener una bici nueva hasta ahorrar el dinero suficiente para comprarla una maravillosa y soleada mañana. Enséñale a tu hijo junto con Bella, la importancia de la administración del dinero mientras hablas sobre: Deseos vs Necesidades Planificar con anticipación Hacer un Presupuesto Trabajo extra a través de tareas domésticas y pequeñas empresas Donación a obras de caridad El trabajo duro y el cuidado de sus pertenencias Evaluar la opción de gastar una parte de los ahorros en una excursión Y, por último, el éxito y ser dueño de una bicicleta. ¡Acompáñanos en el viaje! Padres y maestros pueden continuar la charla en casa y en clase con las sugerencias que se encuentran al final de cada capítulo.< Less
Bella Buys A Big Blue Bike! By Debra Avara
Paperback: $10.49
Prints in 3-5 business days
Bella Buys a Big Blue Bike! was written as an introduction to money management for elementary age students. Join Bella on her journey from her first ‘want’ of a new bike, to saving enough... More > money to buy her bike one wonderful sunny morning. Teach your child along with Bella, the importance of money management while we discuss: Want’s vs. Needs; Planning ahead; Making a Budget; Working extra through chores and small business; Charity; A lesson on working hard and taking care of your belongings; Weighing the option of spending some of the savings for an outing; And finally, Success and owning a bike! Come along for the ride! Parents and Teachers can continue the discussion at home and in class with suggestions found at the end of each chapter.< Less
The Money Maze - Don't Get Lost In The Middle Workbook By Debra Avara
Paperback: $10.49
Prints in 3-5 business days
The Money Maze Workbook, (accompanies The Money Maze, Don't Get Lost In The Middle text book) allows you to practice the concepts you learn from the textbook. This workbook will introduce you to key... More > websites and calculations that will teach you how to successfully manage your money, yes, even at your young age! Grab the guide rope now! Learning key strategies to handle your money will allow you to create a balanced future and help you get through the Money Maze - Point A to Point B - without too many detours! In this workbook you will: • Make and balance a budget • Balance a checkbook • See how credit card interest really works • Save thousands when buying a house • Learn why you must start saving early – compound interest • 401k savings< Less
The Money Maze By Debra Avara
Paperback: $10.49
Prints in 3-5 business days
Do you love a good maze? Over and over until you get from Point A to Point B. Great fun! But do we really want to hit all those wrong turns when we’re talking about the Money Maze? No, of... More > course not. If there was a rope or a line on the floor, that is what we would follow. We don’t want to make wrong turns because we know it could be a very expensive mistake to go back to the beginning and try again. Written for Middle/Junior High School Students, The Money Maze, Don’t Get Lost in the Middle! is your rope, your line on the floor. Grab the rope before you even start, learn now how to get from Point A to Point B. The Money Maze provides you with some basic information on how money works so you can get from cents to dollars without making all the wrong turns people usually make. With a little knowledge and a little discipline, you can navigate through the Money Maze and arrive at Point B successfully!< Less

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