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Restoring the Truth about Origins By David Plaisted
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This book consists of lectures given in the past decade or so at the Triangle Association for the Science of Creation in Raleigh, North Carolina. These lectures discuss the creation evolution... More > controversy from a Biblical recent creation viewpoint.< Less
Acorn Preparation Methods By David Plaisted
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Acorns can be prepared and eaten with a minimum of effort. With the right methods, acorns can be shelled, ground, rinsed of tannins, and cooked more easily than you would imagine. Not only the nut... More > meat but also starch and oil can be extracted. Acorns can be used in soups, cereals, breads, as a binder in pies, and in other surprising and delicious ways. This book is the result of many months of experiments gathering and processing acorns. You will find information here that cannot be found in web sites about acorns. You can see the entire book for free by looking at the book preview, one page at a time. For an update, go to and see the article "Brief Acorn Preparation Guide." For another update, send me email.< Less
Soil Basics for Gardeners By David Plaisted
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It can be difficult for the gardener to understand what is going on in the soil and why various recommendations are given for fertilizer, organic matter, watering, and so on. If you want to know how... More > much fertilizer to use for gardening, you will find information about cations, organic and inorganic forms of nutrients, and much other information that is of little use to the typical gardener except in interpreting soil testing results. Even getting soil tested really does not help the gardener to understand how the soil came to be in the condition it is, or why certain recommendations are given. The subject of soil quality, health, and fertility is very complex, but the material in this book, obtained from many sources, should help the gardener to have a general grasp of such topics as are necessary for a deeper understanding of good gardening practices. Material that is easy to understand and that can be obtained from many other sources, is largely omitted from this presentation.< Less
Acorn-Hickory Nut Survival Manual By David Plaisted
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The annual crop of acorns in North America surpasses the combined yield of all other nuts, both wild and cultivated, so if you want to learn an edible wild food, acorns are an excellent choice. ... More > Hickory nuts and other edible wild plants are also tasty and nourishing additions to one’s diet. Not only can such foods be helpful in times of emergency or economic hardship, they are also free from some of the problems with much store bought food, such as pesticides, hormones, preservatives, genetic modification, and depletion of trace elements. This book features methods for storing, shelling, rinsing, boiling, and toasting acorns to obtain edible acorn meal, acorn powder, acorn oil, and other edible items from acorns with very little effort. Acorns have been a regular part of the author’s diet for several years. Methods for extracting nuts and milk from unshelled hickory nuts are also given in the book, as well as recipes for preparing salads, greens, salad dressings, soups, and bread from natural foods.< Less