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Mixology: Getting Started By Hugh Knight
Paperback: $15.00
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This book is a brief introduction to the art of crafting fine classic cocktails at home. It will show you what you need for your own home bar, gives you detailed lessons for making four different... More > classes of drinks, and contains recipes for 40 different cocktails and for five different punches. It also contains recipes for a variety of elegant snacks to accompany your next cocktail party.< Less
Fencing With Spear and Sword: Medieval Armored Combat By Hugh Knight
Paperback: $18.00
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Please Note: This book is being rewritten. The revised edition will be much better in quality, and will contain many more techniques, as well as corrections to the material currently in the book. ... More > The revised edition should be ready by Summer 2010. Learn the Arts of Knighthood! The study of medieval European martial arts is going through a renaissance with new books on the subject being published one after another. This is the first such book, however, to focus entirely on armored combat as practiced by medieval knights. In this book you will learn how fence with the spear and the sword against an opponent in full armor. You will learn the nature and format of medieval combat from its opening stages to its grisly conclusion. The author takes you through the stances, grips, footwork, thrusts and strikes that made medieval combat so elegant and effective with step-by-step instruction and photographs to shed light on this ancient art.< Less
Die Schlachtschule Fechtbuch By Hugh Knight
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This book is the official die Schlachtschule Fechtbuch. It contains the entire Basic Curriculum necessary to pass the test for Journeyman rank in our Schule, more than 200 techniques in all forms... More > from longsword to sword and buckler to grappling to dagger to spear to halfsword to pollaxe. This book is not intended to act as a stand-alone guide to training. Each technique is represented by one, or at the most, two, pictures and a very brief bit of text naming the technique shown. It is intended only to help die Schlachtschule students remember what to study and practice, and will be of little or no value to anyone who is not a member of our Schule.< Less
The Play of the Axe: Medieval Pollaxe Combat By Hugh Knight
Paperback: $18.00
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While many new books on historical European martial arts are being produced regularly, this is the first series of books devoted entirely to armored combat, and this is the first book to teach the... More > lost art of pollaxe combat that has been produced in over 550 years. Written by a well-known scholar and instructor of the German school of historical combat with more than 15 years of real armored combat experience, this book will teach you all you need to know to learn the knight art of the pollaxe. You will learn everything from fundamentals such as footwork, guards, simple strikes and displacements to more than sixty elegant techniques for using the axe to how to acquire the necessary equipment to practice to how to teach yourself the art. Lavishly illustrated with more than 380 photographs, this book is an amazing introduction to one of the least known but most important arts of combat in the knightly repertoire. NOTE: This is the perfect-bound edition of this book.< Less