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Valley of Blood By Paul Weightman
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When Vampires start a war on humanity, bent on conquering the world, a small group of hunters and gypsies are all that stand in their way. Aided by a pastor, an old Romanian woman, a part Vampire... More > child, and a teenage girl with strange and unexplainable power, they make their stand in a small New Mexico town. Can they stop the Vampire prophesy from being fulfilled?< Less
Repentant for being Immortal By Paul Weightman
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In 6,000 years no vampire has ever defied the Queen of the vampires...until now. Two repentant's have saved the city from the horror of Michael and his wives, but victory has come at terrible cost.... More > And there are consequences to every choice, every victory. Word has spread that someone has broken the Queen’s power, that someone has defied the ancient Queen. And she’s not happy.< Less
Immortal Matriarch By Paul Weightman
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ultimately becoming their Sovereign. She becomes an intricate part in the domination of all mankind, overseen by the Vampire Nation. She is torn by both sides of a spectrum. Her love for Declan came... More > with a new devotion to all things vampire, yet she cannot seem to shake humanity aside and ultimately vows to unite the two worlds someday…By unforeseeable circumstances she is left to rule her clan alone, with only the assistance and guidance of her loyal counsellors, she prepares for war with an equally dominant rival clan, the Caractacus’s, and human rebels at her doorstep, she has no choice but to become a strong, cunning, and pragmatic ruler. Instead of looking at it sitting from her throne she gets down in the dirt and does everything she can to fix, and many times eradicate, the situation.< Less
Loves Executioner...! By Paul Weightman
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From the beginning, Detective Constables Lorna McKenzie and Gerry Masterson had one hell of a case on their hands. The case in question; was that of the murder victim (Steve Blaydon)... Steve Blaydon... More > had more than his share of young women, and that caused a lot of friction between himself, and usually the partners of the women he bedded. The police had a real hard case to crack. They were going to embark on an investigation, which would open up the case like an infected sore. Steve had many friends, and the finger of guilt was going to point to almost each one of those friends, before the case would be settled.< Less