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Situations Bring Possible Solutions By Tineka Galloway
eBook (PDF): $8.99
Situations indeed bring possibilities in everyday lives.At first the storm takes us over and gets the best of us. After the storm there is a rainbow of hope and clarity. This book written by the... More > inspiring young and beautiful author, Tineka Galloway. gives us just that. Hope after the storm. If you are traveling through life's difficulties and have given up, then this book is just for you. This book inspires you to lift your head up high and wipe those tears of pain and struggle away and convert them into happy smiles with plenty of sunshine. Take a deep breathe and exhale slowly...Awe!!! Reading this book of sweet poetry inspires us all to do just that. The author only wishes a brighter day for each and every one of us. The things she writes about in this collection of poetry are things she has experienced or witnessed through Jane King's own eyes. There is always hope and a remedy for us all, and Situations Bring Possible Solutions.< Less
A Bittersweet Aftermath A Look At Whitney E. Houston By Tineka Galloway, Rena Houston
eBook (PDF): $0.00
Suppressed hidden life of a Celebrities daughter driven by a democratic system of commercialism is a Chosen Child Trafficked survivor! *Whitney Houston's forgotten Child* A Bittersweet Aftermath... More > Life's Depiction of Child Trafficking and Abuse (Authors Biography. The International Labor Organization estimates that 1.2 million children are trafficked each year, and it's recognized as one of the worst and major human-rights violations ever; however, human importance remain suppressed and stories hidden when it involves celebrities within a profit-driven democratic system of commercialism.< Less
Whoredome & Missouri & Illinois DCFS Laws By Tineka Galloway, Rena Houston
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What's a female to do? When she is held captive transported between states, beaten, sexually assaulted, abandoned, coerced, manipulated, imprisoned by state legislators. Where is the justice to end... More > Human Trafficking?< Less
Sins of Incest and Words Expressed For Inspiration By Tzdiquah Isa-Al, Tineka Galloway
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"This book contains a lot of hardships, struggles, and a host of negative people who naturally harvest an evil nature.There's hope brought into your life if you take a stand to end vicious... More > cycles. No matter how many evil doer may rise against you in attempt to rip your mortal soul apart, you must strive to defeat them and make them to become just a figment of your imagination. If not then you may find yourself in a world with a multitude of fixed places of deep darkness and horrific sorrow. You can overcome these obstacles through faith, hope, and positive motivation within yourself. Soon you'll come to the realization that can and will do better and with time begin to conquer the world."< Less