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Faith, When Calm and Calamity Collide By Jim Greene
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Jims Two Books on Faith in One Volume. We like faith, we believe in faith, but what is it and how does it work. In A Place of Faith, When There is Nowhere Else to Go, Jim defines and explores the... More > progression of faith from a measure, a step, a leap, the promise and the problem with faith. In Living on the Dark Side of Faith, he explores the very real likihood we will all spend time in the dark, but it is there our faith is perfected. The key word is Living, not suffering or enduring but Living on the Dark Side of Faith.< Less
Unlocking Your Spiritual Greatness By Jim Greene
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Have you ever thought, "is this all there is?" God has already given us everything we need to live an exciting and Spiritually Great Life, we just have to unlock it. This book speaks to... More > the very heart of "getting to know God." Some have called this enhanced spiritual life, abundant, spirit-filled and even purpose-filled. Some have called it more than a gift of the Holy Spirit, and even an additional baptism by Him. What matters is that you realize a wonderful, exciting, fulfilling relationship with God exists for whosoever desires it. When coupled with practical discipleship training that Jesus modeled with deliberate, purposeful time before God... your life will change. It doesn't matter if you have been a believer for 50 years or 15 minutes, God, via the steps outlined will bring you to a place you have never been before. The journey you begin starts here and goes to the other side of eternity.< Less
USG Study Guide By Jim Greene
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This volume contains the entire text of the original Unlocking Your Spiritual Greatness, and also has Teachers Notes for 39 small group lessons. The Notes are the teaching Guide for 35 days in part... More > Two plus 4 additional small group lessons. It may be used for either group or individual study.< Less
The God Who is I Am By Jim Greene
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In the beginning, God Created the Heavens and the Earth and when complete He created Adam and Eve. In this short book you will learn about God the Creator. Man the Created, God's Plan for Man and... More > much more including Hermaneutical Basics. Before the Beginning and Beyond! Systematic Theology for everyday people.< Less

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