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Nod 32 By John Stater
eBook (PDF): $3.99
NOD 32 features a new hex crawl that is right next door to the Nomo crawl from last issue. Nomo was a falling empire, but in Kisthenes the whole world might be going straight to Hell ... or Chaos.... More > The nomads have conquered the great city of Ishkabibel and are now using its wealth and power not only to conquer the rest of Kisthenes, but to bring Tiamat (yeah, that Tiamat) into the material world from the Chaos beyond reality. Worse yet, the other cities of the plain are joining in, abandoning the old gods and gestating their own super-beasts to go toe to toe with the Queen of Chaos. Other features include: A new class that is fitting for this issue, the Prophet is a different kind of divine spellcaster, one who is bringing the news of a new deity into the world and trying to found a kingdom in that deity's name, The gods and goddesses of Mesopotamia, Rules for running circus campaigns in GRIT & VIGOR, and some notions on how (and why) to make monsters interesting for players as well as their characters.< Less
Pen and Paper Football By John Stater
eBook (PDF): $1.99
Pen & Paper Football is football without the commercials, endless merchandizing and prison sentences. A few dice and some paper is all you need to simulate an American football game. Just find... More > some friends (or play solo), roll up some teams and pit them against each other in League Play, which requires eight simple dice rolls to play a game, or in Head-to-Head play, which simulates a game play-by-play. P&PF has all the rules you need to play a whole season of football, with rules for passing, running, kicking, penalties, injuries and even off-season rules for team development. There are dozens of sample teams you can use and handy record sheets for teams, leagues and games.< Less
Nod 31 By John Stater
Paperback: $7.99
Prints in 3-5 business days
NOD magazine begins its fabulous eighth year with a full hex crawl covering the crumbling empire of Nomo, a Romanesque city that has lost its emperor. As the empire slowly falls, opportunity for... More > adventures abound. The hex crawl includes three mini-dungeons and hundreds of places to visit. Other features include: Two old school classes, the Centurion and Dervish, as well as ideas for anti-classes designed to foil fighters, magic-users and thieves, rules for playing poker in GRIT & VIGOR, as well as a gambler sub-class, a host of new "eye monsters" for Blood & Treasure and other OSR games plus some ideas on votive orders and on introducing the most horrific concept into fantasy gaming ever conceived ... Taxes!< Less
Barbarians & Basilisks By John Stater
Paperback: $6.99
Prints in 3-5 business days
Barbarians & Basilisks is a rules-lite romp inspired by bodacious barbarian movies.Take on the role of a barbarian, warrior, thief or sorcerer and battle everything from your everyday,... More > garden-variety mutants and ogres to demons and basilisks. If you manage to survive, you can improve your skills for the inevitable sequel. B&B requires only the rulebook, pencils, paper, two common, everyday dice (what we nerds sometimes call a d6) and a love of scantily clad swordplay. A sample adventure, Death-Slayer, is included to get you started on the path to big time barbarity! Go ahead, tred on some thrones with those sandaled feet - you know you want to.< Less

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