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Can't Help Thinking About Christmas By Tim Worthington
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A Christmas Gift To You From Tim Worthington! Featuring a history of the good, the bad and the On The Buses of ITV sitcom Christmas Specials, a look at TV tie-in board games and Christmas Hits before... More > The Beatles, the BBC's Schools And Colleges Christmas modules, less than classic Christmas Films, thoughts on the frequently forgotten Rising Damp special For The Man Who Has Everything, tips on surviving Saturday Before Christmas Shopping, and much more besides!< Less
The Larks Ascending - A Guide To Comedy On BBC Radio 3 By Tim Worthington
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The Larks Ascending A complete guide to comedy, humour and downright oddness on BBC Radio 3, from Kenneth Williams’ archival documentaries about strolling players who never existed, through... More > Rowan Atkinson’s academic profiles of public figures who never existed, right up to Armando Iannucci’s interval talks about composers who did exist, but they’re fitting around him and his using his ears whether they like it or not. There’s Chris Morris interviewing Peter Cook (and getting in trouble), BBC Radiophonic Workshop hi-jinks, the first ever proper staging of Joe Orton’s unused film script for The Beatles, some sitcoms that definitely wouldn’t appeal to viewers waiting for Coronation Street, satire, silliness, and a couple of plays about cricket. And if that’s just not highbrow enough for you, then you could always enrol at The Half-Open University… Tim Worthington is the author of Fun At One – The Story Of Comedy At BBC Radio 1, and holder of a First Class Third Degree course in Comedic Appreciation.< Less
Doctor Who And The Sizzlin' Bacon Monster Munch: A 953% Unofficial Guide To Some Random Episodes By Tim Worthington
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In Doctor Who And The Sizzlin’ Bacon Monster Munch, Tim Worthington takes us through his reactions at the time – and now – to The Long Game, The Idiot’s Lantern, Human Nature,... More > The Family Of Blood, Utopia, Silence In The Library, Forest Of The Dead, Amy’s Choice, The Doctor’s Wife, Night Terrors, The Bells Of St. John, Thin Ice and Rosa. There’s also a look at Doctor Who’s worst ever episode bar none, some thoughts on whether Amy and Rory were any good or not, and a story about Jon Pertwee signing a theatre programme upside down. Plus there’s also a special treat for fans of William Hartnell and The Daleks. And plenty on a certain snack that pennies can’t buy a bigger one than… NINE HUNDRED AND FIFTY THREE PERCENT UNOFFICIAL!!!!< Less
Can't Help Thinking About Me By Tim Worthington
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In Can’t Help Thinking About Me, writer and occasional broadcaster Tim Worthington takes us on an hilarious tour of how and why he ended up on the BBC News channel with a big caption saying... More > ‘CLANGERS EXPERT’. From growing up in a noisy household with clowns on the Christmas Tree to asking some elderly Elvis Presley fans if they’d mind keeping the volume down, it’s a dizzying hurtle through popular culture that takes in Smash Hits, BBC Test Card F, Camberwick Green, Railway Station Graffiti, David Bowie, Rentaghost, What Jimi Hendrix Might Have Watched On TV, Doctor Who, The Monkees, Video Nasties, Rubik’s Magic, Being Made To Watch On The Black And White Portable, Compilation Tapes, Chris Morris, Play School, The Oz Trial, What To Get For Christmas In 1986, B.A .Robertson, Chorlton And The Wheelies, Britpop, That Was The Week That Was, The Beatles and lots more... including Skiboy!< Less

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