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The Perils of Deception By euhal allen
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Sometimes, even when we think we are doing the best of things, we must play the deceptive game of illusions, juggling our faces, so to speak. What we are doing is bound to have those who do not wish... More > it done, and we must convince them that, even while we are doing it, it is not being done; at least not by us. Even better, if our deceptions are extremely good, we can hide our existence and if we do not exist, of course, we cannot be responsible for things that ‘just happen.’ All this is, naturally, one of the traps of illusion. To keep our illusions invisible, keeping our heads in the air, we must make more of them. It is not a circle one can break.< Less
The Verneece Chronicles By euhal allen
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One of the great fears of man is that a new Black Death will appear and, because antibiotics are becoming useless, no one will be able to stop it. Another such fear is that someone will create such... More > a plague and use it as a weapon, with newer more virulent versions of that plague appearing until the conditions of the perpetrators are met. The Verneece Fever is such a weapon This is the story of a possible future such happening and why perpetrators might do such a thing. Every society spawn in its own time, an aristocracy that seeks to cement its place in the outworking’s of that system. It is a common thing among that aristocracy that the members truly believe for some reason – birth, strength, race, or some special merit – that they are the natural holders of their station, and that any attempt to deny that assigned position is a negation of what is fore ordained. It is fiction. We hope it never comes about, yet we know that it could.< Less
The Lion Who Liked Ketchup By euhal allen
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Selby is a lion who craves to have ketchup on his food but does not know how to tell anyone about that, since he does not speak anything but lion. Matt, the Zoo Keeper, cares about all the animals... More > in the Lonesome Valley Zoo and wants very much to keep them happy. When he sees that Selby is sad and not eating, he begins to seek to find out just what the problem is and how it can be solved.< Less
Journey to a Far Away Place By euhal allen
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All of us desire to live in a better world and that hope is a goal that we continue to strive for. Sometimes, though, the path to it is strewn with curves, drops and climbs that slow us down.... More > Sometimes those obstacles blot out the goal entirely and we find ourselves meandering through life in a daze. It is the hope of the world that encourages us to go on, and it is the loss of that hope that brings us down. Still, if we forget that hope is a tool that keeps us on that target to our future and the world we would like to inhabit, we lose our way completely, and have to target our wants and desires on hope itself. We have to reach for it and, if possible, grab it and hold it tightly in our hands, just so we can again see the first goal that we had. This is the story of some who have hopes and dreams like the rest of us and how they seek to reach them. Yet, it also tells us what we already know, that hope is only a tool and not a guarantee of the future we seek.< Less