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John Candler’s (1964) Miniature Wargames: Napoleonic Wargaming du temps de Napoleon By John Curry, John Candler
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Around the time Donald Featherstone published War Games in 1962, the book that was key in launching modern hobby wargames, others were publishing comprehensive sets of rules. This example by John... More > Candler was published in the United States in 1964 and was one of the better known. The original rules were published in a green ring binder, with 123 pages of detailed rules for a Napoleonic land and sea wargame. They covered all aspects necessary to play a detailed Napoleonic wargame on the tabletop. They were more complex than Featherstone’s rules, but lacked the literary charm of the former. They are published by the History of Wargaming Project in order to preserve an example of early wargaming rules from the dawn of modern wargaming. The History of Wargaming Project aims to document key parts of the development of wargaming.< Less
The Confrontation Analysis Handbook: How to Resolve Confrontations by Eliminating Dilemmas Innovations in Wargaming Volume 3 By John Curry, Mike Young
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“This book makes an important contribution to the development of professional wargaming practise” Dr Peter Perla. Confrontation Analysis, also called dilemma analysis or drama theory,... More > was originally devised by Professor Nigel Howard in 1997 as a way of modelling crises. Although used by UK General Rupert Smith, the method fell into obscurity. After 10 years work in the defence sector, the method has been developed into a tool to model and help resolve international confrontations. This handbook aims to document the method and equip the reader to apply Confrontation Analysis as an operational analysis technique to structure through multi-party interactions such as negotiations. It is full of advice based on years of experience gained by applying the method in the professional arena. All the case studies in this book have been used for real training and research. This handbook is published by the History of Wargaming Project as part of its ongoing work to document current practise in wargaming.< Less
Modern Crises Scenarios for Matrix Wargames By John Curry, Tim Price
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“In Matrix Games, knowledge, imagination, and persuasiveness dominate. Matrix Games boil down the art of gaming to its essence”. Peter Perla Since the book Matrix Games for Modern... More > Wargaming was first published in 2014, they have made a massive impact on professional military education, operational analysis and training. This book was written in response to requests for a more comprehensive account of the methodology, plus more examples of such games from the active edge of their professional application in the UK. Included are 6 scenarios to demonstrate different aspects of the method: NATO/Russian Posturing in the Baltic Sea Russian/NATO Posturing in the Black Sea and Eastern Mediterranean Incidents in the South China Sea An election game Conflict on the Korean Peninsula De Valera's War: Irish Neutrality in WW2 This book is published by the History of Wargaming Project as part of its ongoing work to document current practise in wargaming.< Less
The Old West Skirmish Wargames: Wargaming Western Gunfights By John Curry et al.
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These classic rules launched skirmish wargaming in the UK and the North America. They were played in most wargaming clubs on a regular basis. From stage coach robberies to recreations of gunfights... More > from the pages of history, these rules introduced wargaming with individual figures. This edition includes many previously unpublished chapters. These rules have all that is required to recreate the American Wild West on the table top. Bank robberies, saloon brawls, US cavalry actions and the showdown on the main street are made possible. The basic rules are straightforward, but there are many optional chapters that can be used as required. Optional rules include all the glorious detail of the Wild West: Saloon Brawls, Special rules for Indians, The ‘Iron Horse’ and Frontier towns and for playing solo games In addition to the full set of original rules, this edition includes extra chapters on various scenarios and campaigns The History of Wargaming Project aims to document the development of wargaming.< Less