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The Amethyst By Alvin Conway
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What inspires love? What gives birth to beauty? Like beauty; love can open up a heart to otherworldly feeling and inspire a soul. Poetry is one of the few mediums, which bring emotion and aesthetics ... More > together in insightful, artistic, and inspiring ways. The thrill of a glance, the whimsical enchantment of a smile, the awe of beauty, and the intrigue of affection, are all wonders which can unfold magically in lyrical poetry and prose. Lyric poems typically express personal or emotional feelings. The Amethyst is a more than poetry. It evokes an ethereal experience in the truest literary sense. Its poetic landscapes are as idyllic and enchanting, as they are otherworldly. Poetry takes us to a special place, where love shimmers in the aura of beauty.< Less
Callidora By Alvin Conway
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There was a time long ago, when wonder, beauty, and the enchantment of love ruled the human imagination. In that fabled eon of time, long forgotten- the exotic, idyllic delight of the garden... More > challenged the practicality of the city. Analogously, the beauty and frailty of flower opposed the brute power of the metal sword. Callidora is that garden of otherworldly delight, where flowers, love, and the symbolic language of beauty struggled for supremacy with the lust for power on the stage of the human experience. It is a time in our remote past, which speaks to us of the aesthetic graces of beauty, and the benevolence and ultimate reach of love. These are some of the very romantic virtues which have been smothered by time, in our pursuit of new technical age with its cold, and automated virtual communal environment. Take a journey back to the ancient past, through the eyes of Romanticism.< Less
Utopia By Alvin Conway
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Our world is mired in chaos, disorder, and endless conflict. We have depleted the planet’s natural resources to a point of scarcity. Wars now threaten to erupt over the dwindling remaining... More > natural resources: fossil fuel, water, arable land, and rare-earth minerals. We have used the fear of mutual assured annihilation by destructive weapons to achieve a tenuous and shaky peace in the world. Our financial institutions are imploding as nations sink beneath oceans of debt. It is becoming clear that the entire model human civilization was built upon is flawed and destined to soon unravel. Our past is plain, the present is ambiguous, and our future remains uncertain. Sooner, or later, we’re going to have to confront the very challenges that now threaten our survival on this planet. The clock is ticking, and we are running out of time to avert disaster. This is the second book in the Sparkle Series.< Less
Ariel and the Fountain of Seven Graces By Alvin Conway
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When the language was young and full of wonder, it crafted illustrious tales of beauty about once unimaginable immortal loves that unexpectedly lost their ardor across the battlefield of time, human... More > frailties, and broken hopes. A thousand loves were born in the bosom of every legend and a thousand more died under bated breath in the feeble arms of aging myths. Like the mercurial forces of nature and man’s own mortality, every auspicious thought of human imagination was subjected to the same cycle of love, beauty, decay, ruin and death. And from this spinning wheel of creation, bliss, and chaos, emotions and words were delicately weaved into poetry.< Less