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Journey to a Far Away Place By euhal allen
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All of us desire to live in a better world and that hope is a goal that we continue to strive for. Sometimes, though, the path to it is strewn with curves, drops and climbs that slow us down.... More > Sometimes those obstacles blot out the goal entirely and we find ourselves meandering through life in a daze. It is the hope of the world that encourages us to go on, and it is the loss of that hope that brings us down. Still, if we forget that hope is a tool that keeps us on that target to our future and the world we would like to inhabit, we lose our way completely, and have to target our wants and desires on hope itself. We have to reach for it and, if possible, grab it and hold it tightly in our hands, just so we can again see the first goal that we had. This is the story of some who have hopes and dreams like the rest of us and how they seek to reach them. Yet, it also tells us what we already know, that hope is only a tool and not a guarantee of the future we seek.< Less
For the Love of Marcia: A Tribue to the Woman I Love By euhal allen
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A story of love in Poetic terms, in Heartwords. Only Heartwords cam tell of such things, and they thrive best in a poetic world.
Hope Is A Faraway Place By euhal allen
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Life is rarely what we want it to be, that is something we can know for a certainty. Sometimes it takes twists and turns that drag us into places that we never thought we would see. So it was for... More > Dewey, James and their mother, Belinda. This is the story of a few people put to tests that made them doubt that there was ever any hope in their future. However, the funny thing about a future is that it has so many curves, mountains and valleys in it that we cannot truly see what really is there; and Hope can be a faraway place. We see, instead, sometimes what seems to be close up and hopeless. Can a simple photo of two people playing change lives? Why, for instance, does one of Dewey’s grandfathers want to kill his mother, while the other only wants to ruin her life? Why does a Federal Judge intervene in a set of lives three thousand miles away? Why does the mere existence of Belinda, Dewey and James threaten the structure of a county government that they have left far behind?< Less
When You Have Tears In Your Heart By euhal allen
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What if your life has been interrupted by your actions causing death and pain to others? Quincy and Dottie are in just such a position. How will they deal with the problems that come of their... More > actions? Their parent's actions in a coverup create even more problems for them to handle, (See book 1, Hope Is A Far Away Place.) Then there is the accusing picture that turns up in so many places. How do they live with its accusations? See how each one finds solace and support in the actions of others.< Less