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From planetary periods to the terrestrial undulations By Giovanni Imbalzano
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Giovanni Imbalzano # Report on the Results # "From planetary periods to the terrestrial undulations" Conference for a Quantic Seismology  World Space Week 2016 ITALY Event ID: 10875... More >  Dates: 1st October 2016 to 15th October 2016. Contact Name: Prof. Giovanni Imbalzano Contact Email: Organization: Liceo Majorana, Moncalieri TO (Italy) with Prof. Mauro Di Tommaso Event Web Site:< Less
* Aggiornamento 2016 * Sismologia quantistica By Giovanni Imbalzano
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I described in the following table the data 2016 for solar STURM (n. Kp/3), planetary alignments, the planetary stresses and the lunars, simply deducibles with the formula COS(Moon^ Sun). I produce... More > the graph exposed away Internet in http:/ Stresses are calculated in proportion as the "gravitational" interaction (GM/r) of planets with m mass, from a long way away (r) from the Earth. Obviously, the maximum amplitudes can vary to depend from the gravitational conditions (also planetary) but will be sufficient that, in the points of maximum relating to the time (t), we verify the simple condition P = (tⱼ - tₒ)/ n (with integer n), problem that I have elaborated mathematically - and verified on the basis of the experimental data - in the above-mentioned research. * SEE also< Less
Quantic seismology (anthological synthesis) By Giovanni Imbalzano
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After individuated 3 periods P (superior to 29 days and mod. 15) among the principal seismic intensities, and also of the in comparison with the, I choose that with the maximum number of... More > under-multiples; one verify that the resultant p is not always the maximum among that considered. In Pascal language, the algorithm reduces notably in comparison with the electronic sheet, used for data base; but by the logical-analytical details seem better Mathematica, like in the example, using Date Difference functions... & PrimeOmega.... The agreements on the periods are to be considered satisfactory, but by great amplitudes of intensity it be necessary to consider, besides the Planets Conjunctions and to the Solar Flares, pseudo-gravitational field -∂Ψ/∂r of till now neglected particles (planetary WIMP).< Less
Sismologia quantistica (sintesi antologica) By Giovanni Imbalzano
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Lo scopo di questo lavoro è quello di colmare qualche lacuna tra la geofisica e possibili perturbazioni indotte da opposizioni o congiunzioni tra pianeti, che provocherebbero sismi in entrambi... More > gli emisferi. In merito allego grafici significativi e le previsioni già effettuate e controllabili, con latitudini e ore sismiche. Ne consegue un possibile “effetto fionda” indotto da variazioni gravitazionali certamente legate a reazioni particellari, all’esterno e all’interno della Terra. In base alla geometria delle forze, ho potuto dedurre i valori teorici delle magnitudini massime indotte di pianeti. Dal confronto tra potenziali microscopici (particelle) e macroscopici (pianeti) si deducono certe costanti d'interazione, utili alla rappresentazione locale, e conseguente massa delle WIMP (nel nostro sistema planetario). Non poteva mancare uno studio sulla quantizzazione di Bode, completato con le masse planetarie teoriche, basate sui campi elastici relativistici, oltre che sui campi WIMP.< Less

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