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Wild Strawberry: The Motorcycle Diaries By T A Donnelly
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The Untold Chapter of the Wild Strawberry Trilogy. Author's note: I cut thousands of words from my first drafts in the editing process, and most of what is removed doesn’t deserve to see the... More > light of day. ‘The Motorcycle Diaries’ are different. This strand from Book Two was deleted because there was ‘too much going on’ and the book was losing focus. Book One has several strands that ‘go nowhere’ as humanity falls to the zombie virus; I wanted book Two to spotlight the survivors who end up in the Bunker. I liked the bikers and I liked the situations I placed them in, but they were a distraction from the main story. At almost 11,000 words it made up around 20% of the novel! So here, as a separate story (perhaps best read as an interlude between Books One and Two) I present the Motorcycle Diaries...< Less
Wild Strawberry: Book 3 Ascent By T A Donnelly
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The final chilling installment of the Wild Strawberry Trilogy: Summer ran. Her lungs felt like they were bursting, her heart was pumping, each beat causing searing pain in her hand where she had... More > been bitten. Her face, usually pale from living so long underground, was flushed with exertion; her long blonde hair swept out behind her as she ran... It is the end of everything...< Less